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Read this thread before posting for help with Rekordbox!

posted this on May 12, 2011 13:00

Okay, so you've got Rekordbox and you've got a problem with it. Before you go and post a new thread to the forum, please go through this list to see what the problem might be as your issue may have been answered already. If you can't find your answer, go to the bottom of this post and copy the Information Required for Support section to paste to your new thread.

- Are you using the latest version?
Check / download here.

- If you're using Rekordbox with CDJs, do they have the latest firmware?
Check / download here.

- Rekordbox rejects your serial number
Be sure you have the correct license key and include the dashes between the character sets as emailed / written on the info card. Beware a copy-and-paste from your email not working properly; try manually typing it in.

- Rekordbox crashes on startup
Try disconnecting USB devices (especially soundcards, hard drives, flash drives, SD cards and/or card-readers) and try again.

- Rekordbox has troubles starting / loading tracks / it crashes...
It could be that your database is corrupted or damaged and you need to try loading the backup database. Ensure Rekordbox is closed and find your database in the following location:
XP: C:\Documents and Settings\yourusername\Application Data\Pioneer\rekordbox
Vista: C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\Pioneer\rekordbox
Win 7: C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\Pioneer\rekordbox
OSX: /Users/yourusername/Library/Pioneer/rekordbox

Rename datafile.edb to datafile.edb.old
Rename datafile.backup.edb to datafile.edb (removing .backup)

Restart Rekordbox and see if it opens. If it does, the main database was corrupted and the backup was working okay.

If it does not open, go back and rename ALL of the datafile files in that folder to .old and restart Rekordbox once more. If it does load, both the original and backup database were corrupted and you will have to re-import your songs once more.

- You can't get your players to link
First and foremost, you need to connect the players with the LAN connection, not the USB. That's only for use as a soundcard and/or MIDI/HID control for software. The main problem with not being able to load tracks to your players via the LINK function is typically a firewall. This thread has walk-through videos for Windows and OSX on configuring the firewalls.  Note: the windows videos are missing, but follow this info:

Here's what you need to allow through the firewall (Windows or otherwise):

C:\program files\yourusername\rekordbox version-number\edb_streamd.exe - TCP
C:\program files\yourusername\rekordbox version-number\psvnfsd.exe - UDP
C:\program files\yourusername\rekordbox version-number\psvlinksysmgr.exe - TCP
C:\program files\yourusername\rekordbox version-number\rekordbox.exe - TCP

You need to configure this each and every time you install a new version of rekordbox if your firewall is not set to alert you to new connections, otherwise you'll see a pop-up alerting you to the connection and you simply allow it through (and set it to remember / always allow it).

- Try disabling your firewall
If you still have problems trying to configure the firewall, try disabling it to see if perhaps it's a setting or permission within that's blocking it.  An important note if you're disabling the firewall in Windows Vista or Windows 7 - there are two separate configurations for each of the Private / Home networks and the Public networks.  If you are using the CDJs / DJM connected without a router, you will likely find the IP addresses are self-assigned in the 169.254.x.x range and the network type will default to Public - Unidentified.  Because public networks are more likely to have outside problems, they are subject to more stringent security and limited connections.  Be sure to test by disabling the Public firewall as well!

- The firewall isn't the problem but it still won't link properly
You may have a network configured for sharing. Check this page for Mac or this page for PC for instructions on how to disable the network sharing. You may also try disabling any additional connections your computer has. For example, if you have a wired and wireless connection, try disabling the wireless during the testing of the Pro DJ Link to see if it helps.

- You did that and still have problems with the link
It could be the network hardware (usually a router) you're using is filtering the packets; first try connecting a player DIRECTLY to your computer with the network cable. If that still doesn't work, post a new thread.

- You can see the players in the link section, but dragging and dropping tracks there doesn't load them to the players
If you've followed the instructions above re: the firewall, try power-cycling your players and press the blue LINK button to see if rekordbox shows in the list of link items.

- Your wireless internet doesn't work while linked to the players / mixer
This is predominantly a Mac issue, so this is a Mac fix -- open System Preference, open Network, at the bottom of the connection list there is a settings drop down, select 'Set Service Order', then drag Ethernet to the top. Click OK, then Apply and now you should be able to use Rekordbox Link, even with Airport on and connected to the internet.

- Your music isn't importing properly
Chances are good your MP3s have errors in them. It's more common than you think. Go and grab one of the error checking utilities in this thread, run it to check your files, and try importing again. If it's not MP3s you're having problems with, are you sure the filetype is supported? Purchased (protected) songs from iTunes will not be imported.

- Your playlists (M3U, PLS) aren't importing properly
Not all playlists are created equal; some are local reference and some are absolute reference. If it's problematic, import tracks directly instead or re-build your playlist files.

- Importing and analyzing is slow, is it multi-core optimized?
Not yet, but really, analyzing is the only procedure which would take advantage of that and it's just as fast per-track as other DJ software, we've timed it. Grab yourself a coffee, go for a walk or simply let it run overnight. You are able to also use Rekordbox while it's analyzing, it's just a bit slower. Don't do this at a gig!

- Your album artwork is missing
If your album art shows in other programs but not Rekordbox, it's likely just a problem with the way it was embedded to the file. Read this post for some help there. Album art is notorious for being problematic, especially from Beatport (love the music, hate the artwork issues). Always scan your files for errors before importing them.

- Your music is missing
If you see a little yellow exclamation mark, you've either moved or deleted that song, the source drive it's on is not connected or it has been damaged and can't be loaded. It may also be that the music you tried to import is in an unsupported format.

- You made changes to the song's tags in some other software but Rekordbox isn't reflecting those changes
Like most programs, the database doesn't re-crawl your files to automatically refresh the information. You need to right-click on the file to have it Re-scan Tags, which will update the info.

- You set a cue point for a song, but the next time you load the song, the cue point you had set is missing
When you use the Rekordbox player to set a cue point, all you're doing is setting the cue for playback in the player, not storing an initial cue for that song in the database. Try setting the a memory point instead.

- You imported your music but nothing is showing up when you connect your hard drive to the CDJ
Did you also export your music? Rekordbox operates similar to iTunes where you add your music collection to the software and then export it to a device (in the case of iTunes, you export to an iPod, for Rekordbox, that device is a hard drive, flash drive or SD card). Once you export your music to that device (I suggest you use a SECONDARY device, not the same drive you imported your music collection from; if you were to export your entire collection to that same device you'd effectively double the space used on that device), you can then take it to a CDJ and your Rekordbox database will be read.

- You can't export your music
Do you have a FAT, FAT32 or HFS+ drive connected to your computer via USB? If so, it will appear under the Devices tab. Drag and drop your files from your collection to the device there.

- You've exported files to your device but the CDJ won't recognize it
If you're on OSX, the problem might be that you've got it set to GUID instead of Master Boot Record. See this video for instructions on how to properly format the device.

- You want to export to a CD/DVD instead of a USB device
Sorry, it doesn't work that way. The CDJs can't read the Rekordbox database from optical media.

- You made changes to the tags on your collection but they didn't sync with the export device
Unfortunately there currently is no "sync" feature, you must manually re-export any changed tracks and the information will be updated.

- You can't find the BPM or KEY or ... field
If you're looking for it in Rekordbox, right-click on the column headers you can pick from the list. If you're looking for them on the CDJ, chances are you simply didn't tell Rekordbox that you wanted to enable those fields. This video shows you what to change.

- You got an 830x error message
Are you using the latest software and firmware? Were you linked at the time? Have you checked your drive AND the files therein for errors? Can you reproduce the error? If you are a PC user, when you formatted the drive, did you format it TWICE with a non-Microsoft utility?

- Your Rekordbox exported library isn't working with your player
That's because it's not supported. Only the CDJ-2000, CDJ-900, CDJ-850 and CDJ-350 currently support Rekordbox libraries. It will NEVER work with a CDJ-1000, not even to call up hot cue points from the SD card, sorry. That said, a CDJ-2000 can can call up waveforms and memory points for audio CDs from SD cards from a CDJ-1000.

- What about my MEP-7000 library?
The beauty is that the newer CDJs will support the library of the MEP however the MEP can not read Rekordbox exports, sorry.

Information Required for Support
So you've read this post and couldn't find your problem? Then it's time for you to post a new thread. Copy these lines and paste them into a new thread and we'll try to do our best. For any lines which have multiple answers pre-filled, please erase those which do not apply.

0) Have you read the "READ ME FIRST" thread in its entirety before posting: No, it's too long OR Yes, I swear it!
1) Operating System: OSX 10.6 10.5 10.4 Windows 7 Vista XP Other
2) OS Type: 64bit 32bit
3) Rekordbox version:
4) Using LINK: No Yes
4a) LINK Connection method: DJM2000 or make/model of network hardware
4b) Using with CDJs: No Yes (if yes, list them)
5) Hard drive / Flash drive / SD card file system: FAT16 FAT32 NTFS HFS+
5a) Does the device have multiple partitions: No Yes Unsure
5b) If it's a flash drive, is it a U3 device: No Yes Unsure
5c) With what utility did you format the device: OSX Windows HP USB Formatting Utility Other
6) Have you scanned your files for errors: No Yes
7) Have you scanned your drive for errors: No Yes
8) Is Rekordbox crashing at all: No Yes
8a) If crashing, is it resulting in: an error message OR a crash log OR both (DO NOT POST YOUR CRASH LOG UNLESS REQUESTED!)
8b) If not crashing, are there any error messages: No Yes
9) Are you able to repeat / reproduce the problem: No Yes
9a) If yes, can you do it consistently: No Yes
10) Any other notes regarding your setup only:
Provide as much detail of the issue here:

Hopefully we can help solve your problem without too much back-and-forth!

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