** Welcome to the new forums! **

posted this on June 10, 2011 05:46

Welcome to all our new users and members joining us in the migration from our home at Eve! We're excited to have this new Zendesk-based forum for improved support and communication with not only the users but also our engineering team.

These new forums are a bit of a fresh start, both for users and posts.  But don't think we've just wiped-out the old forums -- they are available as a read-only archive at

Any user who was active on the old Eve forums within the last 6 months (and there's about 2000 of you), has been imported to the new Zendesk forum.  You should have received an email prompting you to create a password.  Older users will have to manually create a new account, but you can now use your Twitter, Facebook, Google or OpenID account to login here as well.

We would like to point out several changes that you will notice from our previous forum software as some of you may be looking for certain features which are, unfortunately, not available in this software.

  • if you registered brand-new, you may have entered your real name where it asked for your name on the registration; you can change this to your nickname or DJ name in your profile (link is at the top right of the page); we're working on having that wording changed
  • there are no graemlins (smilies), your sarcasm will have to be indicated old-school style with an ASCII smilie ;) 
  • you can't edit a post once you have posted it; proofreading is now important! 
  • there is no quote function to quote another post on a reply (our suggestion is a simple copy/paste if you require it) 
  • your location and post-count are not shown 
  • there are no individual user-based timezones; all times are server-based (-8 GMT)
  • the last-user to comment on a post is not listed 
  • to find posts made since your last visit, you'll have to click the "Recent" button atop any of the forums; there is no highlighting of posts changed since your last visit 
  • you will be automatically subscribed to any thread to which you post a reply (comment) -- to remove it, either click the unsubscribe link located at the top of the thread, or visit your profile and remove them there 
  • you do not have the ability to embed an image or video
  • your user password requires a number, symbol and capital letter -- if this is a problem for you, use one of the other login methods to use an existing account or get yourself a password keeper such as 1Password, Roboform or KeePass; high security for your passwords should be something you consider everywhere

While we realize that that some of these were desirable aspects of a user forum, we have gained a significant power in the behind-the-scenes workings of the support system that will significantly benefit the end-user and feel that the loss of the above noted features is a sacrifice we've had to make in order to improve our support network.  We have spent roughly two months testing and tweaking the system to meet our needs and over the last 10 days, several users were migrated early to seek out any last-minute bugs (thanks guys!).  

There may be some other growing-pains associated with this new system but we anticipate that you will find the much faster response to support issues a bonus that outweighs the loss of some mainly cosmetic features.

If you have any questions or issues, please direct them to one of our forum moderators (aka "Agents").

Again, welcome to the new forums.

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