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DJM 900 and CDJ 2000 - how to set up?

asked this on January 24, 2012, 13:58

Hi there.  I have two CDJ-2000s and I just bought a DJM 900.  I wanted to make sure I set everything up correctly so I am looking for some advice here...

I have put the two CDJ-2000s on channels 2 and 3 (since 1 and 4 have phono support if I want to hook up turn tables at a later time) via the CD/line via RCA connections.  I have also used SPDIF cables to channels 2 and 3 from the CDJ-2000s. I'm not entirely sure why the CDJs require both the RCA and the SPDIF connections but that's how it was diagramed in the DJM-900 manual. Can someone please explain?


Also, I have hooked up the ethernet from the two CDJs to a 10/100 router and then used the uplink from the router to plug into the ethernet on the back of the DJM 900.


Is this all correct thus far?


Also, I'd like to use Traktor Scratch Pro 2 (I already have this because I used to use this with an older mixer and a Native Instrument Audio 10).  How do I set this up both on my computer and on the mixer to use correctly?  What's the difference on each channel with CD/Line vs USB 3/4 for example?


Finally, how can I record my mixes in Traktor?  What is the difference between the Rec Out on the back of the mixer vs the Master Out?  How do I record in Traktor and what additional cables/settings do I need?






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Hi Keith.  2 things.

1 - You need only use RCA or SPDIF from the CDJs to the DJM, you don't need to use both.  You can select on the mixer whether it uses the line input, or the digital input.

2 - Your network wiring is fine, just a note that the DJM can be connected to any network port, it doesn't have to be in the uplink.

January 25, 2012, 00:09
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Hi Mark.


Thank you for the response!  Which is "better".... RCA or SPDIF?  Digital (SPDIF) yes?

January 25, 2012, 03:44
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Yes, digital.

I just looked up the info on the 900.  All you need to do with the digital cables is use the separate digital inputs on the rear of the DJM and then change the input selector on the front panel of the mixer for each channel to Digital.

January 25, 2012, 04:27
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Thanks again Mark!

Any info on how to record my mixes?  Do I use master out or rec out?  What's the difference?  And depending on whichever I use, what wires do I need (from where to where) and how do I record?  I'll be using Traktor Scratch Pro 2 and/or Rekordbox.

January 25, 2012, 04:29
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The difference between Master Out and Record Out is that Record Out isn't affected by the Master volume knob on the mixer.

For example, if you record using Master Out, and halfway through turn the Master volume to 0, your recording will also go to 0 volume.  If you use Record Out and turn the Master volme down to 0, even though you won't hear anything coming from your speakers, your recording will still be fine.  Generally, you'll want to use Record Out for recording mixes.

As for software on your computer, that's up to you.  There are free audio recording programs out there, I choose to use Soundforge, but Traktor might even be able to do it for you, I have no idea about that.

You have 3 options for Master Out - XLR, RCA and Digital.  I'm going to guess you're using RCA leads going to your speakers or amp.

So, this leaves you with several options for recording mixes . One is to simply use the Record Out with a cable with stereo RCA on one end and a 3.5mm jack on the other which you will plug into your computer's line input.  Or you can use the other Master Outs - XLR or Digital, assuming you can find a way to plug those into your computer.  I wouldn't bother with that.

The MUCH cooler option, since you have a DJM-900, is to run a USB cable from the mixer into your computer (don't forget to install the DJM-900 drivers).  This will mean you have a separate soundcard (the DJM) that appears on your computer, and you can configure your recording software to record audio using that soundcard.  This way you get the best sound quality from your recording, as the audio is travelling in digital form directly from the DJM to your computer, over USB.


It can sound kind of complicated, but it isn't really.  Like I said you can probably record using Traktor too, because you can do the same using Serato.  I don't know how you intend to combine Traktor and RekordBox though.  RekordBox doesn't offer the ability to record your mixes.

January 25, 2012, 05:44
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Thanks Mark.  I do indeed want to use TSP2 so I am looking into that, although I'm having a whole bunch of other problems with that... You seem knowledgeable, perhaps you could help out with that other issue?

January 25, 2012, 10:58
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I see you've sorted your issue, good job!

January 26, 2012, 01:05
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Thanks Mark :)

January 26, 2012, 03:55
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@Keithos27 > Looks like you got everything sorted, but just go over a bit and add a couple things.

1. Yes use the Digital connections on the CDJ's and DJM as they provide a cleaner signal.
2. It's usually best to use an Ethernet Switch that has no management software on it, as routers can have firewalls and cause issues.
3. To use with Traktor, you will need the audio cables connected from the CDJ's to the DJM-900, and USB cables connected from the CDJ's to your computer. Then set the DJM-900 to use the USB inputs on the top of the mixer, setup the DJM-900 Utility properly with the USB Outputs and ensure you Traktor settings are correct.
4. I personally like using Audacity to record with, and I would only recommend using the USB cable from the DJM-900 to your computer to record digitally.

Hope this helps. ;)

I'll hopefully be making a couple videos in the coming weeks on how to do some of these things.

January 27, 2012, 10:09
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@Foster, thanks, that helps!

I had called Native Instruments and the only way they could tell me to record was to use an RCA from Record Out to Channel 1 (essentially eating up one of my channels).  That didn't sound correct to me.

In regards to how you said to set it up, could you be a bit more thorough?  I guess I need to buy two USB cables to plug from my CDJs to a USB hub (need to buy that too), and then plug the DJM 900 into the hub as well.  Finally plug the hub in to the computer?  Also, what settings do I put in the Pioneer utility and Traktor exactly?




January 28, 2012, 03:29
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@keithos27 > Just to clarify, could we please use this thread as the only thread for all your related questions? :D
I just notice we have 3 other threads going and they all could be under 1. lol

Hmm, I find it kinda sad that Native Instruments support doesn't know how to assign a certified product. This is actually the second time in a couple weeks I've heard them tell someone to connect a cable from the back of the Master and back into a channel.

Luckily, you are absolutely correct and you do not need to do that. ;)

I may need to ask a few questions throughout, but I'll try to pick up as much as I can from your other threads and apply it here.

If you are going to be using timecode on the CDJ's, you will not need to buy 2 USB cables and connect the CDJ's to your computer. In order to record or use timecode, your DJM-900 will need to be connected to your computer via USB cable.

If you would like to use the CDJ's in HID mode to control Traktor, then you will need USB cables connecting them to your computer. If you do not have enough ports on your computer, I would recommend using a powered USB hub just to be sure the connection will have an even distribution the entire route. If you use a hub, yes it will need to connect to your computer.

As for the recording part...

I will hopefully be making a video coming up on using the DJM-900 to record with 3rd party software (Audacity), but in the mean time I think this might be able to help you out okay.

This is the comment I sent to the same question the other week where Native Instruments said you need to connect a cable from the Master to another channel to record:

I'm really confused here. Did NI tell you to connect a cable from your Master Out into another channel?

 If so, it's not necessary to add any additional cables to the DJM-900 in order to record directly to your computer.

You will need to connect the DJM-900 to your computer via USB, and could you please follow these 2 videos below:

Please follow the information provided about the DJM-900 HERE

Please substitute the DJM-2000 with the DJM-900 in this video HERE (you will not use the system preferences or Audio MIDI Devices for the DJM-900, you will use the DJM-900 Utility)

Please let me know if that helps you out.

In my personal opinion, I would use the DJM-900 connected via USB to record into Audacity (freeware) as I find it's a better application for recording and with more capabilities and exporting options.


HERE is one final video on setting up Traktor timecode with the DJM-900.

In the "Mixer Output" tab in the DJM-900 utility, please make sure you set a channel as "REC OUT". It doesn't matter which channel as it will not take away from your Traktor setup or the amount of players you can use. I like to use "USB1/2: REC OUT" so that the recording comes through channels 1/2 in Audacity.

Hopefully that is helpful, and I will try to get a video done soon.

January 28, 2012, 08:34
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Hi Foster,


Okay, no problem... thanks for the help and sorry for cluttering threads....


So if I understand you correctly I can have my Kontrol X1 is one USB port and the DJM in the other USB port (on my MacBook Pro).  Also, I will NOT need USB cables running from my CDJ-2000s into the a hub or computer... Great!  

Just a reminder, my setup is DJM-900 mixer, two CDJ-2000s (channels 2 and 3) and one Kontrol X1.  

I've messed around after watching the two videos and am still not getting Traktor to record properly (I want to do it within Traktor, not using a 3rd party application like Audacity).  Can you please help me with the settings within Traktor?  What do I need to route where?  Also, am I setting it as internal or external?  Of note, I want it to record my mix as the ear hears it (i.e. only record a channel if I turn the fader up, don't record it if the fader is all the way down, etc.).

Much appreciated!



January 28, 2012, 08:45
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@keithos27 > No worries, now you know. :) lol

 Yes, you can have your X1 connected to 1 USB port, and your DJM-900 into another USB port on your computer.

Correct, if you want to use your CDJ's with timecode CD's and Traktor, you do not need to connect your CDJ's via USB to your computer.

 In this case, you will need to use "External" source for recording. Then which ever channel you selected in the DJM-900 Utility tool, you will need to select for "Recording" in the Traktor preferences. Once you have done that, you will need to set the "Input Routing" in Traktor to record from the channels you selected on the DJM-900.

I have attached 2 pictures of examples. The "Input Routing" selections are just general selections that are always available for me, you will need to select your own that relate to the previous steps and the DJM-900 Utility Tool.

There were also 3 videos I posted above. Did you watch all 3 or just 2 as you mentioned? lol

January 30, 2012, 21:52
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martin cross

can you  use the   the  XLR  and master  2 RCA at the same time to use some powered speakers and  to an amp  and speakers.  using both at same time and will they both be controlled by the mixer main volume  assuming i set the amp and speaker volumes .  thanks 

January 2, 2014, 10:15