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Searching Samples by Theme...

posted this on March 20, 2012 00:37


I know about some Onlinestores where I can buy Sample-Libraries - this ist not what I'm seachin' for.

I'm looking for a Store whrere I can search some special Samlpes by a theme... For example I am looking for a sound of a Engine of a big Ship, sound of the see, Sound of a Crowd, aso...

I don't want to buy a big Library to hope I find this sounds in - More I'm looking single samples to purchase...


Some idea ?




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Pioneer DJ (its not exactly cheap though).

March 31, 2012 01:42
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Thank'S Garvin!

Hmm - it's what I searched for but did not found exactly the sounds I need ...

What I need is 4 example a big crowd like on a festival like when Guetta get's on stage... around 2-3 Minutes to get good parts out,

A sound of a big ship engine "tuckatuckatucka" *LoL* and a big deeeeeeeep horn of a ship...

... of course to use it commercialy.


April 04, 2012 06:55