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[SOLVED] Is CDJ-1000 overkill for Serato?

Zach Zukowski
posted this on July 24, 2012 07:01

So I'm definitely sticking with Serato because keeping my library on hard drives instead of CD's is a must. I have 2 cdj1000s and the buttons and controls on those are sick, but, Serato seems to do EVERYTHING just a little bit better then the 1000s. For example...

1)The hot cues dont save, due to the Serato control disk being the only ever loaded.
2)The bpm reader doesnt work due to the disk not actually playing the music
3)The tempo isnt very accurate inside of Serato
4)The cue button has a slight delay with Serato.

I still use all of these features of the CDJ, because I hate touching the computer, but it seems Serato has it beat and I cant help but to think that I made a bad investment in them

I feel like the only thing ANY CDJ's are good for with Serato is using the platter and scratching

Am I missing something, or are these decks overkill?



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it is underkill. 

September 01, 2012 08:22
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Your missing soooo much. You need to buy cdj2000's and HID control serato with them. 

September 01, 2012 08:23
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they are not overkill at all, Overkill is spending your money on 2000's to simply control Serato, You're better off getting the 1000's and a $100 midi controller and save yourself a couple of thousand dollars. If you buy the 2000's use them at their full potential, to just control serato is a waist, especially when HID mode is not 100% and vibration causes the deck to skip in vinyl mode. 

September 01, 2012 08:59
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@Zach > Good luck with your choice. I'm with BriChi on this one - I don't think they are overkill but are a great way to get into using a DVS with a great set of CDJs.

If you would consider it, I'd make the jump up to a more technologically advanced CDJs such as the 2000s or 2000nexus. The migration to rekordbox may be painful but it'd be worth it, considering this software will be the groundwork for all future Pioneer development.

September 12, 2012 04:35
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