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1.6.2, can no longer LINK via wireless

posted this on August 21, 2012 12:46

At times I would have my 2000's plugged into a wireless router and then my iMac wirelessly connected to the router also and the link feature would work great for when my decks were across the room, Now in 1.6.2, I cannot get this to work.

Did they finally disable link over wireless? I guess that would be a good thing for those who have issues and its because their wireless is turned on



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Hmm, I just got 1.6.2 so I tested this as I've used Link over wireless before.  Standard rules apply:  Only 1 network interface can be enabled at any one time, and if you switch between wired and wireless, you usually need to restart your computer (new behaviour is also that after switching interfaces, and Link doesn't want to work, the Link icon still appears in RekordBox for a few tiny moments every 15 seconds or so).

New, interesting and disappointing behaviour though...

When using wireless, the Link icon appeared, which is good.
Link connected, and the icon was the new one indicating RekordBox was Linked via wireless, this is also good!
Only my DJM-2000 appeared in the Linked devices list in RekordBox, hmm, not so good.
I tried to CUE Link a track and got the error "Cannot load track:  check your audio settings".  Again not so good.

There's clearly logic happening here to account for the new XDJ-AERO and RekordBox App stuff.  It kind of works in a way, but unfortunately it totally screws with existing hardware, and existing methods of Link connectivity.  In short, it doesn't make sense.

August 22, 2012 07:21
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yup, very weird behavior, same here, My DJM900 shows up but cannot drag songs to it, same error and the CDJ2000's still dont show up.

August 22, 2012 09:30
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Pioneer DJ

Wireless connection between the players / mixer and rekordbox has not, and still is not, officially supported.

August 25, 2012 10:21
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