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CDJ2000 NXS Discussion,

posted this on September 05, 2012 20:44

Ok lets hear ya!!

who is getting them and what are your thoughts and questions??

lets get the ball rolling!!



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DTM first get off 4chan/9gag stuff and stop using memes in a wrong context.


Beatmatching WAS the basic of dj'ing.

Now it's controlling your EFX and other stuff that's arround the booth , creativity makes the dj now.

And a sync button will not guarantee crowd control which it's probably about.

September 13, 2012 08:01
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Sammy, Beatmatching is still the basic of dj'ing. Its not controlling the EFX and other stuff, the beatgrids are since Traktor 8 years ago, well yeah pioneer adopted it now with quantized stuff and sync. You are right about one thing, Creativity has always made the show, not Beatmatching

September 13, 2012 08:23
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Nick Potoczny

like said listen to feddes sets how old skool the mixing is but how creative he gets with simple tools, thats the future of djing pressing sync is just a shortcut that will lead to a dead end, most djs that start off with a sync never get any real gigs, because like said you need the foundation of djing, its like learning to run before you can walk, but some djs do things that require a sync button for novice djs, and like said many times if you dont know the basics the sync will just lead to a trainwreck of songs trying to be mixed at one time because simple phrasing was skipped 

September 13, 2012 08:33
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Nick Potoczny

like the saying goes less is more 

September 13, 2012 08:33
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I Can see a few  djs  getting the sack  In a year  or two with these  sync butons ...the bar men will run up to the dj box ever few minutes to press sync. :)

September 13, 2012 11:39
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I'm glad I can come here and read some awesome posts about the actual product rather than "real DJs" whining about beat matching....




September 13, 2012 14:39
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Going through this thread trying to glean the real features of this new model.  

So, some folks hate sync.  I don't care either way...there are some times I'd use it (like doing a locked wide tempo sweep across players, or if I've f'd up and need a quick correction...we've all done that.)  I'd probably not use it 95% of the time otherwise, but usually one part of a set may have a spin down, and it'd be cool to have the flexibility to do this during a segue or with a looped sample running on the other deck.  Or I just do my default and produce it into a track off-line.

I'm curious if cues and hot cues are global (track-based) or playlist based?  Reason I ask is that I usually consider sets as having unique performance parameters.  Since this is Rekordbox-based, my assumption is that track settings are global, meaning that I put sets on unique thumb drives and the database holds the last tweaks I set before export.  If I had my way, I'd like to 'scribble' production notes on the waveform data and have this be unique to the playlist or set.  Heh-heh, tha'd be cool!

Add me to the 'lack of FLAC' flack.  Geebus,'s like, what?  2012?  The workflow sucks, and keeping tags in sync is next to impossible.

I should probably post this in the Rekordbox group, but I'd love a way to audition a mix off-line in that package to help with building sets and setting cues.  I do this using another package, exporting the m3u, editing the m3u, then importing that into rekordbox, and setting cues and notes manually there.  This workflow is terrible, but the results are awesome.  Basically, you can think of it as an offline mix, coming up with production and performance notes, which eventually get loaded onto a thumb drive.  If I could write a script to do this, I would... I have the API for the PC-based package, but nobody has broken the voodoo code to rekordbox's databases.  So what?  Well, this would save me hours in workflow per gig.  Hours that are not particularly creative at all...  I'm not saying you need to replicate the functionality of that company in Germany, just a simple playlister that allows simultaneous play/overlap with release points and cue points.  If it were me, I'd make the release point the opposite of the cue triangle (pointing down rather than up, for example.)  wow, that was a ramble!  

I posted this in the XDJ thread, but I'd love two of these suckers in a single smaller unit with a mixer section, with everything but the cdj mechanism.  I could even deal with smaller platters (and do without that spinning thingie which I always thought was pure fluff) but keep the freakin' 100mm pitch fader and epic display!  It would make festivals a reliable cakewalk.

now, on to seeing if the nexus is on my upgrade path...

September 13, 2012 20:48
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Dream Treez

Here is an article from a label known mostly for its vinyl...

To sync or not to sink -->

September 14, 2012 00:03
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Si BooGie

@Dream > I read that a few days ago some valid point I think, it will water down the next generationof DJ's but I think the whole DJ scene is changing. I'm not sure if it's for the better or worse. Is playing/mixing a track (record) the same of playing loops and sample in ableton? Is having quantized FX the same as having synced beats? What make a DJ or what seperates a DJ from a musician? The lines are becoming more blured. I remember when having a Dubplate, that one of a kind remix, was what a DJ cared about but that was long ago. If I pay to see a DJ I want to see him/her DJ, decks and FX. No ablelton, if some one wants to make music I say get 'em out the booth and get 'em on stage. If they can't make their sound from the tracks they have they need to go buy better or more tracks.

I remember the first time I saw a controller DJ, this was years ago VDJ and Traktor were still very new products on the market. Anyway this DJ had a custom built controller and software from a small gargae company in the USA. I was amazed but after watching what he doing I asked so what do you do besides press that sync button and play???

The magic is dying, the wizards are no longer required as science takes over and the scientist with their technology pretend to be the new wizards

September 14, 2012 03:05
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Si BooGie
September 14, 2012 05:34
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D Mark Mills

To me The sync buttons are a cheese and these decks are far to automated to appeal/sell to a wider audience the phase meter means that dropping on beat is easy( it isn't hard) and then there is the key, thats now done for you I suppose it might as well set the levels for the mix and quantised auto loops always on beat might as well choose the track structure to fit . I seriously believe this won't be better for djing as it wiil definitely be abused by wannabe's .The music in some of the sets today sounds too chopped up and breaks too much that it loses it's flow /soul  I noticed this at some festivals last year when I should have been listening to a solid set by a solid dj but got a technically good performance but none of the feeling from the music and that to me is a huge loss ,not to say every dj would play that way but was certainly a turn off for me .This is just my observation on the whole matter and you could say that each evolution of the cdj has made it easier to dj and do tricks  but for me as long as the kit I already have is supported then I have no need for the nexus range sync buttons phase meters or whatever, how ever I will miss the slip mode that is cool ,Peace !

September 14, 2012 06:41
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Pioneer DJ

Ok, I'm really fed up of this right now.



Just like the BPM readout, the function is there if you want it. If you don't need it, don't use it.

Show some respect to each other here. I'm tired of the childish arguments -  worry about yourself and how you can improve as a DJ.

/end of sync discussion.

September 14, 2012 09:42
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Can we not just get back to the product discussion?? I want to know how much IPad integration will be on the nexus Things like the sd card input are surely more important than the sync button - its on the unit - nothing we can do about it . Just have to live with it.
September 14, 2012 17:21
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Now SDXC support lol that's another matter!
September 14, 2012 17:22
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Go Go Gavin!

September 14, 2012 23:01
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Pioneer DJ

@Si Boogie > There are a lot of features in this CDJ that can't be found on a controller or anything else on the market right now. If you wish to keep using CDs then this probably isn't worth the upgrade for you. I'm not trying to get into an argument with you - I'm delivering the facts as honestly as I see them.

@Wolfe > They should be in the online stores for pre-order now - availability is expected at the end of September. You're better off to contact your own store in relation to price.

@Fuse Promote > As you've probably learnt by now, rekordbox doesn't use Camelot notation. This is licensed by MiK.

@ekwipt > But you guys also have a minimum wage of, what, like $16AUD per hour? So its all relative.

@Louie V > I hope to have more information about the stand after I attend BPM early next month. I currently have no information to hand about Traktor updates.

@6Sixx > At minimum, the players will have the same functionality with Traktor as the MK1. I don't know at this time what plans Traktor and Pioneer have for this unit. My guess would be, with all the new features, you might even be encouraged to drop Traktor.

September 15, 2012 06:02
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Pioneer DJ

Guys, no discussing price etc on here - this isn't Craigslist or eBay.

@Sammy > Please watch your language. Can you explain why you would go to the expense of buying a WiFi jammer and paying to get into a club for the sole purpose of screwing with the DJ just because you object to a feature? Why so much hate on Guetta? He's made a huge success of himself and he obviously enjoys what he is doing so big deal.

@Daywalker > The zoomed waveforms can help identify, in greater detail, the buildups and breakdowns - thats at least one reason!

@Foster > Great post from Gareth Emery - everyone here needs to read it.

@Xtreme > No, rekordbox App does exactly the same thing as rekordbox desktop version - you have the option of using one or the other. There is no configuration necessary with the router - its as simple as plug and play over an adhoc network.

@Nvasion > Waveforms will build instantly for a CD if you burn as CD-Audio (uncompressed format). You've a much faster processor in your computer than could be put into a CDJ (cost vs benefit) that better analyses the track 

@TheOne > Yes, I believe the current DeckSaver should fit the Nexus - I'll double check.

@Steven V > Thanks for the feedback.

@Tracebuzta > The nexus is exactly 0.1mm taller than the MK1.

@DubLN > Beat matching does become easy, a sort of 2nd nature to those that have been DJing a long time and rightly so - its one of the primary skills to learn. Please show some respect to other users.

@Andrew > I'm not 100% on your questions right now - I will be back to you soon.

@Sigius > If you haven't anything constructive to add and all you want to do is stir up trouble, then kindly keep your opinions to yourself.

@Bren > See my comments above regarding 'sync'.

@DJNR > Thanks for adding a bit of rational thinking to the debate - I couldn't agree more. 

@Thomas Robertshaw > Thanks for the comments

@Fox Smith > All the data that is compatible with the MK1 will be compatible with the Nexus too.

@dtm > Yes that is commonly how commerce works - there is a demand for something, a company makes that something to satisfy the demand. Whats your point?

@UrbanBeatFoundation > What issue are you having with the service centre? I can get in direct contact with the UK Sales Manager to resolve your issue… Just let me know.

September 15, 2012 06:54
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Pioneer DJ

Ok, now that I have answered all your questions, I'm closing this thread. To those of you who I have told I will find out more information in relation to features, I will follow up when I know.

Seriously, some of you just can't have a clean debate that doesn't resort to name calling and flinging insults or using offensive commentary. Its embarrassing.

September 15, 2012 06:56
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