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Trigger a video in Resolume using CDJs

Leo Chiodaroli
posted this on September 21, 2012 14:22

Hi Guys,

After watch this video:

I'm wondering how the CDJ/DJM are hooked up to the computer.

Also, according to the video, looks like Sander must add the right video and Armin just use the fader/play. Any ideia if would be possible to use the rewind/forward button on CDJ to skip the videos in the computer?

Thanks in advance ;)



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Pioneer DJ

@Leo > Armin explains in the video... He has two CDJs he uses for DJing along with the mixer. The third CDJ he uses for 'clicking', to help live vocalists keep time and the fourth CDJ sends a SMPTE signal to the VJ who controls the visual aspects of the show. Its a rather complicated setup.

October 11, 2012 09:29