Tips for the licence activation and KUVO account


Q1 : If I delete my KUVO account, will my license key be deactivated?

A1 : No. The license(s) you activated using a KUVO account remains as activated even if you deleted the KUVO account.
Do not delete the KUVO account you used to activate license(s) as long as using rekordbox Plus Pack.
You can use a license key only with the KUVO account you used for the activation.
If deleted, you will not be able to activate or deactivate a license even if you create another KUVO account and will not be able to use the license.
If you deleted your KUVO account before deactivating license, please contact us here.

Q2 : How can I change my KUVO account

A2: Follow the steps below to change your KUVO account.

1.Go to rekordbox and click [Privacy Settings] in the [KUVO] menu.

2.Click [Change] (see below).

3.Enter the email address and password of the account you wish to use and click [Change].

Q3: I deleted my KUVO account before deactivating rekordbox Plus Pack license(s). How can I deactivate the license(s)?

A3: If you deleted your KUVO account, you cannot deactivate the rekordbox Plus Pack license(s) at rekordbox Preferences.
Please contact us here.

Q4: If I uninstall rekordbox, will the activated license(s) be deactivated?

A4: No. The license(s) remains as activated even if you uninstall rekordbox.
If you wish to use the license(s) on another computer after uninstalling rekordbox, please deactivate the license(s) first and then uninstall rekordbox. Please follow the steps below.

1.If you already uninstalled rekordbox, please install it again.

2.Open [Preferences] -> [License] -> [rekordbox dj] and click [Deactivate] to deactivate all Plus Pack licenses.

3.Uninstall rekordbox.

Q5: I cannot deactivate rekordbox Plus Pack licenses after updating (or formatting) OS.

A5: If you updated OS or formatted startup drive, sometimes you may experience unable to deactivate the license(s) at rekordbox preferences.
Please contact us here.

Q6: I cannot activate my license. "The license key you entered has already been activated on other computers." appears when I try to activate it. 

A6: You can activate a license key in up to two computers at the same time.
To activate it on a third computer, you need to deactivate it on one computer you already activated it.

To deactivate Plus Pack license(s), see here.

Q7: Can I change the email address for KUVO account when I use rekordbox?

A7: You can change the email address for your KUVO account. Please follow the steps below.

First, change the email address on the KUVO website.

1.Log in to the KUVO website.

2.Click [EDIT PROFILE] in the CONNECT page.

3.Click E-MAIL [EDIT] at the bottom of the page and enter a new email address.

4.You will receive a confirmation mail to the email address you entered. Click the URL in the email to confirm the change.

Following this, set the new email address in to rekordbox.

1.Go to rekordbox and click [Privacy Settings] in KUVO menu.

2.Click [Change] button (see below).

3.Enter the new email address and password and click [Change].

Q8: I don't know how to deactivate a license key.

A8: Open [Preferences] -> [License] and click [Deactivate] for each Plus Pack license to deactivate the Plus Pack license.
When you deactivate rekordbox dj, you will deactivate all the licenses.



Q9: Can't I use the license key any longer if I deactivate a license?

A9: The license will not become invalid even if you deactivate the license.
Once you deactivated a license, the license will be returned to the server, and it will be able to be used on another computer.
You can activate on up to two computers per license at the same time.

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