How to set your Send/Return levels

It is important to properly adjust the levels on your EFX the first time you set it up with a new mixer to ensure that there is no drop or boost in audio levels when you engage the effects.  Follow these steps for the easiest setup:

  1. Play your source on any channel with the S/R off.
  2. Ensure all effects on the EFX are OFF and the effect level is at 12.
  3. Turn the S/R on.
  4. Adjust the INPUT LEVEL on the EFX until the levels match both visually on a channel meter or simply with your ears.  If you flip the S/R on and off repeatedly you can facilitate this setup.
  5. Select the WAH jog effect and flip the switch on.
  6. Adjust the OUTPUT LEVEL on the EFX until the levels match, again, flipping the S/R on and off will help.

These instructions are based around any Pioneer mixer that features a Send/Return (S/R) loop.  If you do not have a S/R (or AUX) loop, you have two choices:

  • Connect the EFX unit in-line, between your player and mixer; this allows you to effect only one source, but you will be able to cue it in the headphones.
  • Connect the EFX unit post-master, between the master output of the mixer and the next device in the chain, be it an amplifier or your computer for recording.
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