How to identify fake HDJ-2000's

At first glance the two boxes look the same but if you look closely the real ones look gray on the box where as the fake ones have a slight green and orange tinge - the hardboard is not as shiny as well

The inner box is stamped like the original but not as crisp - the Pioneer logo is very poor and unreadable

The carry bag and packaging are almost identical with the same tags - the cable came in a plastic bag with the fake pair which they do not in an authentic box.

I have heard reports that the logo on the headband is not quite right - if they were not side by side it would be difficult to tell on these new ones but the N is a bit wonky and the finish is not as even on the fake ones - the real ones have a perfectly even shade of grey whereas the fakes have lighter and darker patches around the edges of the letters.


Here they are side by side - you can see that the fake ones have a fatter headband pad as well as a poor representation of the Pioneer logo. To the untrained eye they look the same.


One thing you will spot is marks all over the hinges - this is more than likely where they have damaged the originals while pulling them apart to recast them.


The earpads are different as well as the headband pad - they are fatter on the fakes. This surprises me a bit because I would have thought the pads would have been the easiest part to fake.


Under the pads, the drivers look very similar but if you look through the hole in the middle you'll notice the real ones have a clear diaphragm with a silvery finish and the fake ones are of a milky colour.

Under the hood, the drivers look pretty similar as does the DIN socket and mono switch board although the fake ones have less solder pads on the driver.


If you do happen to come across a fake pair report to the retailer / intermediary as soon as possible as well as your credit card company (if you used that to purchase the item). For any more help, please start a post in the HDJ thread and we'll do our best to assist.


Thanks to CustomCans for helping us out with the comparison.


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