DJM Effects timing Easter-eggs

Well, I know you guys think I keep all the goodies and secrets to myself, but here are a few DJM Easter-eggs for the timing on the mixer effects:

Change the BPM instead of the MS on the effect?

You're all familiar with using the TIME knob to adjust the milliseconds (ms) of the effect timing.  But did you know that you can also change the BPM?  Simply hold the TAP button when turning the knob and presto, you're now changing the BPMs.

"Pulse," you say, "that's great and all, but 128.0 is different from 128.9, that's going to drift!"

This is true, if you don't have it bang-on, it will drift and on certain effects (trans or roll for example), you REALLY need to be able to dial it in...

128.0 = 468ms
128.9 = 465ms

Remember, a higher BPM = a lower ms timing = a shorter sample/loop.

Decimal BPMs?! Yes!

Press and hold the TAP button, then press and hold the AUTO/TAP button (with the same hand).  Notice how the display changed to a decimal?  And here you thought these mixers only worked on WHOLE value BPMs! 

Start dialing the TIME knob around and you'll change the value, release the buttons and you'll see what the whole BPM is, press and hold TAP and AUTO/TAP again to see the decimals.

Now, where this becomes REALLY cool is you can make these adjustments without losing your effect timing.  After you've adjusted your BPM, simply press the arrows back to 1/1 and you can see that 1/1 now has the new ms value in the display.

If you were to simply adjust the TIME knob to change the ms value, when you press the arrow keys, the 1/1 would go back to the original value (as it's based on the BPM).

Cut it up!

This one is for the DJM-2000... let's say you're using a tempo of 120BPM...

Press the 1/1 button, then hold the TAP button and press any of the timing buttons - the value of the button itself will multiply the tempo by that much;

1/8 and 1/4 will do nothing because 120 * 0.125 = 15 which is outside the minimum range for BPMs (40BPM).
1/2 will get you 60BPM
3/4 shows 90BPM
2/1 will give 240 BPM
4/1 gives 480BPM

Want to math that again? Release TAP and press the 1/1 button and multiply and divide as you like.

Cut it more!

Want a faster way to do the same thing?

Press and hold any of the beat buttons and turn the time knob, the display will show you the new value ... right up to 64/1.

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