DJM + Ableton MIDI Guide

This guide was created as an advanced-user's tutorial for configuring a DJM-800 for use with Ableton Live as a MIDI controller.  Since this guide was created, many more Pioneer products have come out with MIDI support however this guide has not been updated to include those products as they are very similar in nature of configuration to the 800.

Download the guide here.

The zip file includes the PDF guide as well as a template created with Ableton Live 6, but it should work with all versions.

Please note -- if you are trying to use a DJM-700 with an M-Audio Uno or MIDISport device, there is a known compatibility issue between the mixer's MIDI chipset and the chipset in those devices causing the MIDI signal to either behave erratically or not respond at all.  The suggested fix is to use another MIDI interface.



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