DJM-T1 Firmware Update

Pioneer DJ is offering a free firmware update for its DJM-T1 2-Channel TRAKTOR Mixer that adds multiple features and improved control functions for use with TRAKTOR™ SCRATCH 2 DJ software including an Advanced Shift Mode consisting of six additional effects options, extra Hot Cues, and more.  The free firmware version 2.00 update is available for download at

A video demonstration using the updated firmware on DJM-T1 with TRAKTOR SCRATCH 2 software can also be viewed here:

The DJM-T1 “Advanced Shift Mode” firmware update for use with TRAKTOR SCRATCH 2 includes:

  • Increased Function Control with Advanced Shift Mode – The new feature offers DJs control over more software functions including the ability to assign up to three different function operations for each button and knob on the mixer.
  • Added Effects Options and Controls – In addition to the existing TRAKTOR SCRATCH 2 effects assigned to FX1 and FX2, the new firmware allows the control of six more effects assigned to FX3 and FX4 for a maximum of 12 effects to be controlled using the DJM-T1’s buttons and knobs.
  • More Hot Cue Points – The update increases the ability to add and play four additional Hot Cue points for both Deck A and Deck B for a total of eight possible Hot Cue points.
  • Ability to Input Grid Information & Adjust Grid Location – By using Advanced Shift Mode, DJs can input their own grid information and adjust grid location to perform the software functions of Sync, Quantize and Snap with more accuracy.
  • More functions with Sampler slots – Enables users to adjust volume and switch between One Shot and Loop modes for each sampler slot.
  • Additional functions include:
    • Tempo Reset ON/OFF control
    • Master Tempo ON/OFF control
    • Select from playlists registered in user’s Favorites
    • Start/Stop recording
    • Return to the start of the track playback
    • Waveform display size adjustments
    • Page through user’s track list
    • Ability to switch display of the Advanced Panel
    • Load Cue settings
    • Track Fast-forward and rewind

The DJM-T1 with TRAKTOR SCRATCH DUO 2 DJ software is available at Pioneer DJ retailers for a suggested retail price of $1,899.

For more information about the DJM-T1, visit:

Jaed Arzadon, 310.952.2451 or
Katherine Manning, 310.952.2388 or
Julie Park, 619.234.0345 or

PIONEER is a registered trademark of Pioneer Corporation.

TRAKTOR is a trademark of Native Instruments GmbH.

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