Please welcome our newest moderator - Foster!

I am pleased to announce that we have officially shackled Foster to the ranks of moderator here on the Pioneer forums. As you may know, this winter, Foster was chosen in a Canada-wide contest as part of the Pioneer DJ Canada street-team, a prestigious position in itself as it is a first for Canada. He has also been a valuable contributor to the forums for some time and it was through his posts that we saw the potential for another helping hand. It's not an easy task being a moderator here, but I spoke with Andy last night and we share the same sentiment - we help others because we enjoy it! Now that he is official, I may finally get some sleep. ;) Welcome aboard Foster!
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    Welcome Foster, you are a great guy, Always quick to answer questions on the forum and off! Good to see its official, congratulations!

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    Nice too see ya got a red P!

    @Pulse pease don't double post. :p lol

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    Nick Hilton

    Congratulations Foster,

    Always helpful and friendly,

    Great choice....

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    @All > Thanks everyone! I really appreciate this opportunity and I'm extremely honoured! 

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    Benno Revelli

    Congrats Foster!

    Good to see you are now officially part of this forum since I always found your posts where very hepfull.

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    Double post was likely because I was posting that mobile from the airport on my way to EDC.  Silly click-and-nothing-happens-but-it-actually-does internets.