Pioneer CDJ2000nexus now supports Serato Scratch Live via HID

Pioneer’s flagship CDJ-2000nexus professional digital multi player is now compatible with the latest version of Serato® Scratch Live® software. CDJ-2000nexus players with current firmware Version 1.13 will work in-sync with the Scratch Live software Version 2.5.0 for intuitive DJ performance using music files stored on a computer, without the need for a control disc.

In Online Mode, Scratch Live software functions automatically link to corresponding buttons and keys of the CDJ-2000nexus player when a computer operating the software is connected via the player’s USB port. For convenience and ease of use, functions such as tempo adjustment, play/cue and loop can be made without having to use a computer keyboard or mouse.

With the built-in color display of the Pioneer® CDJ-2000nexus, detailed track information of the Scratch Live software is indicated including text, album artwork, waveform, cue/loop points and other information, resulting in quicker visual communication and enhanced DJ performance. In addition, checking playback status and selecting tracks can all be done directly on the CDJ player, minimizing the need to browse through a computer screen.

Firmware update version 1.13 for the CDJ-2000nexus to support the new Scratch Live Version 2.5.0 software is available at Pioneer DJ’s support site,

Scratch Live 2.5.0 is a free of charge software download available on

Additional CDJ-2000nexus Info:

    • Wireless Source Capability - The CDJ-2000nexus can utilize different music sources, from a hard drive to USB thumb drive and/or SD memory card, and as well as iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and a computer via Wi-Fi®.
    • rekordbox® Software Functions - With the included rekordbox music management software installed on a computer, users can organize and catalog their entire music libraries. Features available when rekordbox is used with the CDJ-2000nexus include music file analysis functions such as Wave Form Zoom (wave form expansion) and Key, as well as additional settings such as Active Loopand Hot Cue Auto Load.
    • Full-Color LCD Display - The CDJ-2000nexus features a large full-color WQVGA 6.1-inch (480 x 234) LCD panel for displaying song titles and album art as well as detailed track information. The Wave data of each song is also illustrated on screen and the Wave Zoom function provides five different levels of magnification of the wave data, which are color-coded according to bandwidth.
    • Pro DJ Link - Pioneer’s Pro DJ Link feature enables up to four CDJ-2000nexus players to connect via the Link Port and share a single music source.

The CDJ-2000nexus is available with a suggested retail price of $2,399. 

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Serato and Scratch Live are registered trademarks of Serato Audio Research Ltd.
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