New XDJ-RX Firmware 1.40, Windows drivers 1.00, Mac drivers 1.0.0, TSI File 1.00 (Mar. 23, 2015)

Just a heads-up that there is a new firmware available for the XDJ-RX; version 1.30.


- Support Traktor Pro2

- XDJ-RX supports Android OS mobile devices when the rekordbox is installed and they are connected to XDJ-RX.

In case you missed the 1.30 update, here's what that included (which is all rolled into 1.40):

- Now supports HFS+ file format.

- Fixed the issue that the characters of Greek can not be displayed.

I know these aren't the bug fixes for feature requests you guys have been posting in the forums (eg. load lock), but these were already in the works before those posts came in. Engineers are working hard to get those up for you.

Also posted are Windows drivers, Mac drivers and the TSI file for Traktor configuration.

Full details and downloads are available here.

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