DDJ-T1 Firmware, Drivers & MIDI Mappings

Last updated 11-06-22

To download the latest firmware and sound drivers, please follow this link: DDJ-T1 Firmware & Drivers

Current Versions:
Drivers - 1.1001
MIDI Map - 1.00
Please note: You do not need to do incremental updates to obtain all fixes; simply update to the newest version directly from your current version.

MIDI Map initial release 1.000
This update includes:
- First version TSI file for MIDI mapping with Traktor.

Driver from 1.000 to 1.001
 This update includes:
- Added "Kernel buffer size utility" on ASIO setting utility.
A sufficiently large buffer size decreases the chance of sound dropout (sound interruption) but increases audio signal transmission delay (latency).
The default setting is "3" but please adjust it to "2" if you don't have any problem in current setting.

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