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Last updated 2012-08-21

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Current Version: 1.6.2
August 21st, 2012


  • rekordbox supports the newly introduced rekordbox (iOS/Android).
  • Tracks and playlists can be exported to rekordbox (iOS/Android).

  • When you click [Update Collection], information updated in rekordbox (iOS/Android).  Including Cue, Beat Grids, Colour, Rating and Comments can be reflected in the [Collection] in your computer.
  • rekordbox supports the XDJ-AERO.
  • The XDJ-AERO connected to rekordbox via wireless LAN can play the music files in rekordbox.
  • The rotary selector and buttons on the XDJ-AERO can control the browse panel of rekordbox.
  • The name of rekordbox to be displayed on XDJ-AERO can be changed in [Preferences] - [Export].
  • Improved the accuracy of beat grid information analysed by rekordbox.
  • Fixed a crash problem that occurs when re-exporting multiple playlists managed by a certain tree structure.
  • Added a function to fix misaligned Beat Grid and Cue information of mp3 files that had been encoded by LAME encoder with the gapless setting and have been analyzed and adjusted by rekordbox before version 1.5.3.

As of version 1.5.4, rekordbox has disabled gapless playback of LAME-encoded mp3 files.  For details of ver. 1.5.4 please refer to the Changelog for v1.5.4 below.

July 3rd, 2012


Version 1.5.4 is only for MEP-4000 and new rekordbox users. Version 1.5.4 disables gapless playback for MP3 files encoded with the LAME encoder on players such as the CDJ-2000. Disabling gapless playback for MP3 files encoded with the LAME encoder in Version 1.5.4 will shift existing beat grids, loops or cue points of mp3 files encoded with the LAME encoder that have been analysed and adjusted with an older version of rekordbox. The offset value depends on the sampling frequency of the file: 24ms (in the case of 48kHz), 26ms (in the case of 44.1 kHz). However, it does not alter the audio play back on the CDJ's just visually inside rekordbox, therefore you do not need to reanalyse your tracks and redefine the beat grids, loops or cue points.

Pioneer will provide a tool to automatically adjust the beat grids, loops or cue point data in a future update. We recommend that you wait.

April 4th, 2012


  • Playlists can be saved in m3u8.
  • A button is added to open preferences.
  • The context menu adds a function to save a playing loop in a wav file.
  • If tracks in rekordbox are stored in iTunes, track information in iTunes library can be reflected to that in rekordbox.
  • Music files can be copied from Collection to Explorer (Windows)/ Finder (Mac) by Drag & Drop.
  • If there is a wrong data in ID3 tag, it will be ignored, and the other correct information will be displayed.
  • Tab key works to move the cursor in [Information] pane.
  • When importing from File menu, the last folder that was previously opened opens first.
  • Fixed an issue that a short track whose BPM is analyzed as 0 caused rekordbox to crash when adjusting beat positions.
  • Fixed an issue that Bit Rate of AIFF files was always shown as VBR.
  • Fixed is an issue that editing Tag of ID3 v2.2 and re-reading it caused Artwork to disappear.
  • Fixed is an issue that importing some particular tracks caused rekordbox to crash during analyzing them.

January 23rd, 2012


  • Mac OS X 10.7(Lion) is supported. 
  • Support for AIFF format tags. 
  • Fixed the issue where unselected tracks were exported. 
  • Fixed the issue where a newly-created playlist was misplaced and displayed in a wrong order. 
  • Fixed the issue where rekordbox crashed when importing particular types of tracks. 
  • Fixed the issue where rekordbox becomes unstable when 65535 or more tracks were in the collection. 
  • Fixed the issue where rekordbox crashed when a large number of folders/playlists with long names were dragged and exported to USB device. 
  • Fixed the issue where it took longer to renumber playlists than using ver.1.4.1. 
  • Fixed the issue where rekordbox crashed when launching it with particular USB devices connected. 1.5.2

September 20th, 2011


  • Fixed issue where rekordbox becomes unbootable due to a track analysis irregularity.
  • Fixed issue where rekordbox crashes or freezes when the user attempts to add tracks to the Collection or add/remove tracks from a playlist while track analysis is active.
  • Fixed issue where Mac version of rekordbox crashes when attempting to export a playlist to an external drive where a playlist of the same exists.
  • Fixed issue where the metronome outputs a static sound when any value besides 44.1 kHz has been set for the audio output under Preferences.
  • Fixed issue track where a renumbering operation does not perform as expected if multiple instances of the same track exist in a playlist.
  • Encountered an issue with Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) which occurs when the user attempts to move the PIONEER folder (analysis files) to a location outside of his/her login name folder (under Users). When trying to move to a location outside of this folder, the original PIONEER folder is deleted even though the copy operation is not successfully completed. As a result, this latest update restricts the user's ability to move the PIONEER folder so that it must remain in the login folder.
  • Fixed issue where playback stops if a playlist is right-clicked and [Sort Items] is selected if the current track being played is from that playlist.


June 29th, 2011


  • Now possible to adjust beat position from the middle of a track.
  • Now possible to sync beat position to in-app metronome.
  • Reading from XML-formatted playlists is now supported.
  • [ReleaseDate] in the [Info] pane can now be edited.
  • Added button for creating playlists and hot cue bank lists.
  • Newly-created playlists and hot cue bank lists are now displayed at the top of the folder which contains them.
  • Now possible to toggle between the currently selected track and the currently playing track while displaying information in the [Info] pane.
  • Number of tracks which can be included in a tag list have been updated from 60 to 100.
  • When multiple tracks are selected, the total number of tracks, total disk space, and total time are now displayed in the lower status bar.
  • Track information search performance has been enhanced.
  • Performance has been improved for inserting tracks into large playlists.
  • Improved navigation performance for auto-scrolling and folder opening while dragging and dropping tracks and playlists.
  • When made visible, column now appears near position of mouse cursor.
  • USB-MIDI Control Mode is now displayed as a DJ player in the Link Status Panel.
  • Fixed issue where folders/playlists of the same name in iTunes were not displayed properly in the [Bridge] pane.


January 27th, 2011


  • Fixed issue where multiple word searches were not displaying the correct results.


January 6th, 2011


  • Enhanced beat position editing to allow more detailed modifications.
  • Now possible to relocate multiple tracks.
  • When tracks are imported from iTunes, it is now possible to convert the "Grouping" field from iTunes into the "Label" field in rekordbox.
  • The DJ Play Count field can now be edited via the [Infomation] pane.
  • New feature available to initialize a new device database if the old one has been corrupted.
  • All analysis files and artwork are now automatically moved when the analysis file location is modified.
  • Tracks can now be loaded to a DJ player which is connected by PRO DJ LINK by using keyboard shortcuts.
  • The "Rating" field is now editable while PRO DJ LINK is active.
  • Fixed issue where license key is asked again when network interface setting has been changed.
  • Fixed issue where pressing the eject button was unsuccessful when using an HDD.
  • Fixed issue where certain AAC files could not be imported.
  • Fixed issue where the "Rating" ID3 tag was sometimes incorrectly read while performing a track import.
  • Improved read-time of USB device to minimize the amount of time required to display its contents.
  • Improved speed on rekordbox's launch time.
  • Improved the track sorting method.
  • Improved the [Infomation] pane layout.


September 18th, 2010


  • Fixed static noise issue which was occuring when a computer using an AMD processor and a DJM-2000 were connected via Link Monitor.
  • Fixed issue where rekordbox was crashing if an attempt was made to save a playlist while the color column was visible.


September 15th, 2010


  • After being played via PRO DJ LINK, tracks listed in the [History] pane are now displayed in green.
  • Fixed issue where track disappears from screen while being edited in the [Info] pane after it has been filtered by the category filter.
  • Fixed issue where the drag guideline position displays incorrectly when drag-reordering a playlist.
  • Fixed issue where DJ Play Count is reset to its previous value if a history list from the [History] pane is imported as a playlist and rekordbox is restarted.
  • Fixed issue where DJ player is sometimes not properly recognized when connected to rekordbox via PRO DJ LINK.
  • Fixed issue where PRO DJ LINK did not function properly when being used on a HFS+ case-sensitive volume.
  • Autocomplete functionality now offered when user manually inputs a genre.
  • Modified the design of the eject button for the USB device.


August 4th, 2010


  • Added [History] pane.
  • Text size can now be changed through Preferences.
  • Library backup/restore functionality was added.
  • Playlist info can now be saved as a text file.
  • The playlist selection can now be moved with the up and down keys.
  • Improved visuals for when multiple category filters are selected.
  • Improved visuals during movement of tracks within a playlist.
  • Date format is now adjusted according to the current OS language settings.
  • User can now select whether playlist tracks should be deleted when their playlist is deleted from a device.
  • Confirmation now displayed when duplicate tracks are added to the same playlist.
  • The number of tracks which have not completed analysis is now displayed.
  • Now displays total size of all selected tracks.
  • Fixed issue where certain tracks would not export successfully from a playlist via the [Bridge] pane.
  • Fixed issue where genre information disappears after reloading tag information.
  • Fixed slight timing error for cue/loop information that is stored on a USB/SD device after being edited on a DJ player.
  • Playback date now included as part of playlist name when USB playback history is saved as playlist.
  • Fixed issue where rekordbox crashes on restart if USB database file is corrupt.
  • Track which is loaded in the Player Panel can now be exported via context menu.
  • Improved search speed by not initiating search until user has finished entering search term.


March 20th, 2010


  • Fixed issue where audio silence was present every 10 to 30 seconds.
  • Now possible to select a playlist and add to the taglist.
  • Fixed issue where correct track did not load in the player panel when dragged from Windows Explorer/Finder.


May 17th, 2010


  • Added USB device import feature for playlists which are created/edited on the CDJ-350.
  • Now possible to choose between three different modes, and hidden mode. Modes can be changed by either the View Menu or the display switching button.
  • Online manual can now be displayed via the help menu.
  • Added feature (LINK MONITOR) for monitoring the currently playing music file in rekordbox when connected to the DJM-2000.
  • Now possible via Preferences to choose the iTunes library file to be referenced by the [Bridge] Pane.
  • Fixed issue where rekordbox cannot be started by a user who differs from the user who logged on the previous time.
  • Fixed issue in the Windows version of rekordbox where music file was unable to export via LINK EXPORT.
  • This issue occurred for music files which were imported into the rekordbox collection from a USB memory removal storage device.
  • Fixed issue where Pioneer CDJ ASIO (Preferences -> Audio) wan not selectable.
  • Fixed issue where playback of rekordbox tracks becomes unsuccessful when multiple DJ players access rekordbox at the same time
  • Now possible to add music files to a playlist from the tag list.
  • Now possible to delete tag list music files from either the [Collection] Pane or the [Playlist] pane.
  • rekordbox now automatically updates to latest version if newer one exits on the server.
  • Now possible to perform a re-analysis on music files which are currently playing the tag list.
  • 64 bit version operating systems are now supported (with the exception of Windows XP Professional x64 edition).


Mar. 18th, 2010


  • rekordbox™ LINK export feature is now supported for use with the CDJ-2000/900.
  • DJM-2000 Cue Link – Added 
  • Option for hiding the Track Player.
  • Wrong playlist track is exported during an export operation.
  • Crash after track is imported containing special characters in its tag info.
  • Track sort info is erased when an export or import operation is performed.


Dec. 15th, 2009


  • Added a track analysis mode, where the user may choose between Normal and Dynamic modes.
  • Under Preferences, the user may now set the default Quantize state (enabled/disabled) for his/her CDJ.
  • Continuous playback is now possible for playlist tracks.
  • Functionality added where playlists can be sorted alphabetically.
  • When the Delete button is pressed when a track is selected within the [Collection] pane, a message is displayed to confirm the delete. This message may be avoided by pressing Ctrl + Delete.
  • A track can now be loaded to the player panel by double-clicking on it.
  • When a track is exported to a device which already contains an instance of the track, the track's cue information is overwritten.
  • Fixed error which occurred when Reload Tag was selected.
  • Song may be relocated if it is selected for playback but does not exist.
  • When a playlist, hot cue bank list, or folder is exported to a device, the user may now overwrite a playlist, hot cue bank list, or folder which has the same name.
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