Moving your rekordbox database (Video)

Many users have asked about the ability to share one database between two or more computers and have a synchronized library, or to move their large music collection to an external drive along with the database.

With the release or rekordbox 3.2, the engineering team introduced the ability to store the master database on an external drive, allowing the database to be transported with the music, and connected to another computer. This still holds true for versions 4 and 5.

This procedure does NOT back-up your collection or music, it moves it. If you want to create a backup, please use the built-in backup feature from File > Library > Backup Library.

I have provided instructions below in a video for moving your database AND music, or you can follow the step-by-step instructions below the video for moving ONLY your database to an external source.

Again, please note that the instruction below are ONLY for moving your database, the video provides additional steps regarding the location of your music files.

The first step (although not critical) is to ensure you are running the same version of rekordbox on both computers.

Next, open your rekordbox preferences and click the Advanced tab. Click the Move Database button (1). 


You'll see a pop-over window asking you to select a destination drive. Click the drop-down (2) selector then click on the name or drive letter for the destination external drive (3).


A warning window will alert you that it may take some time to complete the move; if you are on a laptop, make sure you have adequate charge on your battery or plug-in your power supply. Click the OK button (4) when you are ready to perform the move.


Do not close or cancel the process once it has started!


Once the process is completed, close the preference window and close rekordbox. Eject your drive from the computer and move it to your other computer.

Open rekordbox and open the preferences to the Advanced tab. Click the drive selection drop-down (5) and click your external drive (6).


You will be prompted to confirm that you want to switch the Master Database. Click OK (7). 


Once the database loads you will see all your music and playlists in rekordbox the same as your first computer.

This process and the old instructions to sync via dropbox are not intended to merge databases from two computers - pick one database and make that your "primary." It should also be noted that you CAN maintain multiple databases (one internal and any number of external), and you have the ability to switch between them at any time simply by visiting the Advanced Preferences and selecting a different drive from the drop-down (5).

If you forget to connect your external drive before you launch rekordbox, it will prompt you that the database couldn't be found and it would then load the default internal database if you choose to do so. You can always select your external database afterwards by connecting the drive, then simply by visiting the Advanced Preferences and selecting a different drive from the drop-down (5).

If you have any questions about this process, please create a ticket or ask our forums.

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