rekordbox metadata

Some users have asked which metadata fields on their audio files are updated by rekordbox and which are not. The answer depends on what filetype you are using, so here's the list:

AIFF (ID3V.2.4) / MP3 (ID3V.2.3) 
Title TIT2 
Artist TPE1 
Album TALB 
Genre TCON 
Comments COMM 
Track Number TRCK 
Disc Number TPOS 
Album Artist TPE2 
Composer TCOM 
Lyricist TEXT 
Year TDRC 
Mix Name TIT3 
Remixer TPE4 
Label TPUB 
Original Artist TOPE 
Artwork APIC

Title INAM 
Artist IART 
Product IPRD 
Comment ICMT 
Genre IGNR

M4A (AAC type only)
Name ©nam 
Artist ©ART 
Album ©alb 
Composer ©wrt 
Comment ©cmt 
Genre gnre/©gen 
Release Date ©day 
Track Number trkn 
Disc Number disk 
Cover Art covr 
Album Artist aART

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