How do I update the firmware on my CDJ? (Video)

  1. Obtain the latest firmware for your CDJ by visiting the Pioneer DJ support site and downloading the firmware file for your model. 
  2. Once your download has completed, unzip the update files and place them in the root (top level) directory of a USB drive formatted to FAT or FAT32.
  3. With the power of your CDJ turned off, press and hold the USB and RELOOP/EXIT buttons while turning on the power.
  4. When prompted, insert the USB drive into the top USB slot on the player.
  5. The update will now start - during this time, do not turn off the power or disconnect the USB drive.
  6. Once the player indicates that the update is complete, turn off the power and remove the USB drive before turning the player back on.

 Please note the information in the video above is slightly outdated, but the method remains the same.

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