Traktor 64bit / 32bit work-around (Windows)

If you have recently updated to Traktor 2.8.x or newer, you may experience some troubles with your audio configuration due to the fact 32bit ASIO drivers do not run under 64bit applications. Pioneer DJ has not yet announced the timeline for 64bit driver release for their products, until such time, we advise using the following work-around to continue using Traktor:

  1. Go to C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\Traktor 2 - in this folder you will find the current 64-bit version of TRAKTOR PRO called Traktor.exe. Please rename this to Traktor64.exe so that you have a backup of this executable.

  2. Open the x86 subfolder. You will find another Traktor.exe inside. This is the 32bit version of TRAKTOR PRO. Please move or copy this application up one sub-folder to the C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\Traktor 2 folder.

  3. Launch Traktor from the usual shortcut and it will open the 32bit version of the application, allowing continued use of the 32bit ASIO drivers.

An post will be made in the News\Announcement knowledge base when drivers are released. Thank you for your patience.


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