When will ... come out?

Users are constantly asking us "When will the next...

  • player
  • mixer
  • controller
  • headphones
  • speakers
  • firmware
  • software
  • drivers
  • babe-in-a-box
  • etc.

...come out?"

The answer for most of that is... we can't tell you. And there's various reasons for why we can't tell you.

For new products, you'll not hear anything before a big press release, typically around a show. Once the announcement is made, you'll see an estimated street date, but even that doesn't apply to all regions globally. If you're asking when your dealer will have it in stock, we don't know that either. The team here on the forums is not linked to the sales and distribution departments, so we don't have access to that information. Your best bet is to call the retailer yourself.

For software / drivers / firmware, we don't have set dates for release as quite often the engineering teams are madly trying to find the source of a problem, develop the solution, create a working update, test it, then make sure nothing else broke along the way. This takes time and as such, we can only tell you when an update is available when it arrives for you to download.

As always, your patience is appreciated while you wait for whatever next thing it is to come out.

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