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NATURAL EXPRESSION: Meet the Compact, Versatile XPRS Series of Active, Wooden Enclosure Speakers Featuring Powersoft Class D Amps

Long Beach, CA (January 19, 2016) – Get the audience going with Pioneer Pro Audio’s new XPRS Series of high-powered active speakers. The compact, portable, wooden enclosure XPRS series combines Pioneer Pro Audio sound engineering heritage with the reliable, energy efficient power of Powersoft amps – to give you a versatile plug-and-play system that fills the room with a natural sound.

The XPRS Series comprises the XPRS15 and XPRS12 two-way full range speakers, and the XPRS215S dual 15-inch subwoofer. All three enclosures feature 15mm birch plywood construction for a dynamic sound that works across all musical genres. The XPRS15/12 have a 15/12-inch ferrite LF driver, a 1.75-inch titanium diaphragm compression driver and Pioneer Pro Audio’s “AFAST technology” to deliver a clear, clean sound with a deep bass range. Or you can enhance your sound using the four EQ modes with built-in DSP.

The XPRS215S is the perfect complement to enhance the low-end, thanks to its dual 15-inch ferrite drivers and a versatile crossover switch that lets you adjust the low pass filter cut-off at stages between 80Hz and 150HZ.

The Powersoft Class D amps deliver a massive 2400W output, while Power Factor Correction (PFC) ensures energy efficiency and a reliable performance. With all that power, we’ve paid extra attention to protecting the amp and the speaker – pouring in thermal limiting, an input limiter, DC offset removal, AC mains protection and more. Plus the auto-ranging power supply detects and adapts to the voltage without compromising the sound quality, making the XPRS Series a reliable performer in any environment.

The road-ready XPRS Series are durable and easy to transport. Pioneer Pro Audio’s engineers have successfully placed the PA speakers’ handles to ensure the weight is distributed equally, while the sub comes with removable casters. The wedge-shaped XPRS15/12 can be placed on the floor and used as a foldback monitor for stage performances, or you can pole-mount them and choose between a 0-degree and 7-degree tilt to suit your set-up.

The XPRS Series will be available in May 2016, with retail prices of $1,199.00 for the XPRS12, $1,299.00 for the XPRS15, and $1,599.00 for the XPRS215S.

Watch the XPRS Series introduction video.

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  • Hard wood enclosures and high-quality driver materials produce a natural sound


The speakers are enclosed in 15 mm birch plywood cabinets to deliver a natural, dynamic sound. The XPRS15/12 use lightweight 15/12-inch ferrite LF drivers and 1.75-inch titanium diaphragm compression drivers, while the XPRS215S subwoofer packs in two 15-inch ferrite LF loaded drivers for powerful bass.

  • Powersoft Class D amps for reliable, high-powered performance


Powersoft’s new Class D amp modules produce 2400W (peak) or 1200W (continuous) output, similar to that of larger stand-alone speaker amplifiers. The amps are equipped with Power Factor Correction (PFC) to reduce power consumption while ensuring reliability and a steady performance in all environments.

  • Auto-ranging power supply for consistent sound quality in every situation


The auto-ranging power supply means you plug in the XPRS Series anywhere in the world – including venues with generators or temporary power supplies – and expect the same high quality sound.

  • Advanced protection features help prolong your speakers’ life


We’ve packed the speakers with features to protect the driver, amp and power supply – giving you peace of mind, consistent high quality sound, and extending the life of your sound system. Plus, the status LED on the front of the cabinet has three settings – on, off or pulse – giving an optional visual reference to the status of the speaker.

Amplifier protection

  • Thermal limiting: cuts off to prevent overheating.
  • Output over-current: reduces the speaker’s output to safe levels in the event of output over-current.

Speaker protection

  • DC offset removal: shuts down to prevent further damage if the speaker blows.
  • Stationary high frequency protection: protects the speaker from loud bursts such as feedback.
  • Input voltage limiter: Peak and RMS.
  • Output voltage limiter: cuts the LF and compression drivers separately when either reaches their peak.

Power protection

  • AC mains over-voltage protection: protects against power surges.
  • Compact, robust and highly portable


The speakers’ durable, birch plywood enclosures are designed for the road, while casters on the sub and carefully placed handles on the PA speakers take the hard work out of transit and set up.


  • High-performance drivers deliver a powerful, full-range sound


Both speakers use a high-grade ferrite LF driver (15-inch/12-inch) and a 1.75-inch titanium diaphragm compression driver to reproduce a clean, full range sound with low distortion even at high outputs.

  • AFAST acoustic tube reduces standing waves for stronger low-mid frequencies


Pioneer’s patented AFAST technology drastically reduces standing waves that can produce a muffled response in the low to mid ranges. An acoustic tube in the cabinet absorbs just the standing waves, increasing the low frequency response.

  • Four EQ modes for a variety of genres and environments


Buttons on the back of the speakers give you instant access to four EQ modes:

  • Flat: neutral production of the source audio
  • Bass +: amplifies the bass for dance music events
  • Speech: produces clear vocal sounds for seminars and speeches
  • Wedge: reduces the low frequencies, producing a more balanced sound if you’re using the speaker as a floor monitor.
  • Rotatable horn lets you mount the speakers vertically and horizontally


The horn of the XPRS15/12 gives a dispersion of 90 x 60-degrees and can be rotated by 90-degrees – giving you flexibility to mount the speakers vertically or horizontally so you can choose the coverage to suit your space.

  • Wedge shape and pole mount socket with tilt for a choice of three positions


The XPRS15/12 speakers are wedge shaped, making them ideal floor monitors. Our pole mount socket can be set to straight or tilted to 7-degrees to direct the sound exactly where you want it.

  • Multiple inputs and outputs for flexible, easy set up


The speakers have two balanced XLR/TRS combo sockets and an unbalanced RCA connection, so you can connect a MIC and other external devices at the same time – including using an AUX cable to connect and play directly from portable audio players, line-level mixers, and tablets/smartphones. Each input can be controlled individually or by using the master controls for lines one and two. Plus, two balanced XLR through output terminals enable easy connection to other speakers and subs.


  • Dual 15-inch loaded subwoofer with a quick, powerful bass response


Two 15-inch high-grade ferrite LF drivers and a built-in horn shape deliver rich, powerful low frequencies.

  • Crossover and Phase switches deliver instant control of your DSP settings


The Crossover switch lets you quickly and easily adjust the cut-off frequency of the low pass filter, giving you a choice between 80Hz, 100Hz, 120Hz or 150Hz. Use the Phase switch to choose positive or negative polarity and prevent multiple subwoofers cancelling each other out.

  • Multiple inputs and outputs for flexible, easy set up


The XPRS215S has two balanced XLR/TRS combo sockets so you can input a couple of devices at the same time. Two balanced XLR through output terminals enable easy connection to other speakers and subs.


Model Name




Speaker Type

12" 2-way full range, bass reflex,
bi-amp, active speaker

15" 2-way full range, bass reflex,
bi-amp, active speaker

Dual 15" subwoofer,
Bi-amp Active speaker

System characteristic

Frequency Response
(–10 dB)

50 Hz to 20 kHz

40 Hz to 20 kHz

30 Hz to 160 Hz

(H x V)

90 ° x 60 ° (rotatable)

90 ° x 60 ° (rotatable)


Maximum SPL

135 dB

136 dB

135 dB (Half Space)

Crossover Frequency

2.0 kHz

2.0 kHz



Amplifier type

Class D

Power Rating

2400W peak / 1200 W cont. (LF800 W/HF400 W)

2400W peak / 1200 W cont. (600 W x 2)

Input connectors

2x XLR/TRS Combo (balanced), 2x RCA (unbalanced)

2x XLR/TRS Combo (balanced)


10 kΩ

Output connectors

2x Through output XLR (balanced)
1x Mixed output XLR (balanced)

2x Through output XLR (balanced)


LF driver

12-inch ferrite LF cone driver

15-inch ferrite LF cone driver

2x 15-inch ferrite LF cone driver

HF driver

1.75-inch titanium diaphragm compression driver



15 mm birch plywood, bass reflex type

15 mm birch plywood, bandpass type


Impact-resistant, black semi-matte textured


2 (on both sides)

4 (on both sides)

Pole socket

35 mm socket (0°/7° multi-angle)

M20 screw socket

Rigging point

12 x M10



Amplifier Protection

Thermal limiting, over-temperature muting, output overcurrent

Driver Protection

DC offset removal, stationary high frequency protection, input voltage limiter (Peak/RMS)

Power unit Protection

Primary AC mains overvoltage protection, Primary AC mains overcurrent protection

Power unit/other

Supported voltages

100 V (50 Hz/60 Hz) / 110 V to 240 V (50 Hz/60 Hz)

Power consumption




(W x H x D)

380 x 647 x 398 mm

(14.96 x 25.47 x 15.67 inches)

445 x 750 x 416 mm

(17.52 x 29.53 x 16.38 inches)

743 x 524 x 811 mm

(25.25 x 20.63 x 31.93 inches)


23.3 kg

(51.37 lbs)

28.8 kg

(63.49 lbs)

55.2 kg

(121.7 lbs)

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