XDJ-AERO - How to connect wirelessly to rekordbox

This guide outlines the steps for a Mac, but the bulk of it applies to a PC as well; simply use the Windows control panel rather than the Mac system preferences and find your network connections.

Follow the instructions here to configure your XDJ-AERO for ACCESS POINT mode.

On your Mac, open the System Preferences and go to the Network item. Select Wi-Fi and then click the Network Name drop-down list. Find the name of your AERO and select it. Verify that your Status shows as Connected and you have an IP address; it should be one digit higher than the number showing on the screen of your AERO.

Your AERO is now connected. Next, open rekordbox. If you have rekordbox DJ, be sure to switch from PERFORMANCE mode to EXPORT mode.

Press the blue rekordbox button(s) on your AERO, and you should see the LINK button appear at the bottom left of the screen in rekordbox. You need to click that Link button; an icon showing your AERO will appear in the middle of the bottom section (to the right of the LINK button, which will now change to show a Wi-Fi symbol. The screen of your AERO should show rekordbox Control and the name of your rekordbox library. Press the rotary knob to select the library, the display will say Control with Rotary and now you're able to navigate rekordbox and load tracks wirelessly!

We recommend re-enabling WPS security if you were able to connect without it, should you have problems after WPS is enabled, you may need to "forget" the network on your computer before reconnecting in order for it to request the new security key.

If you require further assistance, please post in the forums and we'll be happy to assist you.

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