Recording a mix in rekordbox 4.x with a DJM (Windows)

Here are step-by-step instructions for recording a mix in rekordbox with a DJM running under Windows 7/8/10. These instructions mainly deal with the DJM2000/900/850/750 (incl. SRT and NXS editions), but apply somewhat to the DJM-2000 (original) as well.

  1. With rekordbox closed and the DJM disconnected, first ensure that you are running the latest version of rekordbox, and that you have installed the current DJM drivers
  2. Once you have the DJM drivers installed, reboot your computer
  3. After the computer restarts, connect your DJM via USB DIRECTLY to the computer; do not use a USB hub
  4. Open the start menu, go to the Pioneer > DJM-### Setting Utility
  5. Click the MIXER OUTPUT tab and change USB7/8 to MIX(REC OUT)
  6. Change the USB Output Level to -10dB
  7. Close the Setting Utility and launch rekordbox
  8. In rekordbox, open the Preferences and click the Audio icon
  9. Check that the device listed in the Audio box is PIONEER DJM-### ASIO
  10. In the Input channels box, select Channel 4
  11. Click the Controllers icon
  12. Click the Others tab
  13. Check the location of your Recordings; if you need to, change it to somewhere you can easily find the files, such as your desktop
  14. Close the Preferences window
  15. Click the REC button to show the recording panel
  16. Load a track to deck 1, press play
  17. Adjust the TRIM on channel 1 on the DJM so the levels peak around 0dB
  18. You should now see the recording meter bouncing around, but not pinned in the red; you can adjust the recording level within rekordbox if you're worried the signal is too high and will clip during recording
  19. Press the REC button to start recording
  20. When you are done, press the REC button again and it will stop the recording, you will see a notice that the recording has been added to the Recordings branch of the tree

That's it!

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