How to change your rekordbox (KUVO) account email address:

Please follow the steps below:

1. Press [LOG IN] to login KUVO.
2. Click [CONNECT] at the top of the KUVO webpage.
3. Click [EDIT PROFILE] on top right of the page.
4. Scroll far down to the section [CONTACT & PRIVACY SETTINGS], find [E-MAIL] and click [EDIT] below it. 
5. Here, you can change your email address by following the instructions shown in the screen.

You can change your email address, but Please DO NOT DELETE your KUVO account as long as you use the license key for rekordbox dj. If you delete it, you will never activate the license key again.

Also, please make sure to change the email address BEFORE activating your license, which means please deactivate your license with the current email address on all the computers you activated.

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