What should I do when an error appears after opening DDJ/XDJ audio driver?

If the audio driver for DDJ/XDJ is not installed/updated properly, the following error appears when you select the ASIO driver for DDJ/XDJ on the Preferences->Audio.


If you cannot select the target ASIO driver due to this error, please uninstall and install the audio driver again.


1. Disconnect your DDJ/XDJ from the computer.

2. Close rekordbox dj.

3. Open the Control Panel and uninstall the DDJ/XDJ driver from "Programs and Features". 

4. Reboot Windows.

5. Install an appropriate DDJ/XDJ driver found in the latest rekordbox folder in the computer.

You can find the audio driver in C:\Program Files(or Program Files x86)\Pioneer\rekordbox4.x.x\drivers

6. Connect the DDJ/XDJ to the computer.

7. Launch rekordbox.

Please note: Do not install the driver while running rekordbox dj. It will cause problems while updating the driver.



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