rekordbox 4.2.5 has been released - Dec. 6th, 2016

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  • DDJ-SP1 can be used with another controller supporting rekordbox dj.
  • Pitch bend in MIDI learn.
  • rekordbox video:
    • Delay Compensation.
    • 9 new TRANSITION FX.
    • 10 new TOUCH FX.
    • Video mute feature when audio is not played.
    • Keyboard shortcuts and MIDI learn for the video panel.


  • Reduced CPU load when playing video files.
  • Tempo range will not change automatically when the Master is changed or turning sync off while syncing until when tempo slider is operated.
  • Smoother TRANSITION FX
  • Windows: Audio driver updated.


  • mac OS Sierra 10.12:
    • Specific video/audio files may crash on.
    • Some Japanese characters were not displayed in the Preferences.
  • Mac:
    • Enlarged waveforms of VBR MP3 tracks were missing when played on the CDJ/XDJ.
    • ”No audio device” appeared as audio output could not be set to Pioneer CDJ/XDJ created by CDJ/XDJ Aggregator.
  • Mac/Windows (64-bit): The enlarged waveform was not shown on the monitor screen on CDJs and XDJs and the waveform was shown at the beginning of a track where no sound exists and beat grid was shifted when using LINK EXPORT.
  • Windows: Sometimes crashed if an item is selected on a popup window saying “Do you want to change audio device?” when connecting with CDJ-2000NXS2 or CDJ-TOUR1 via USB.
  • Windows (32-bit): Analysis of some video files stopped at 99 % and could not finish.
  • rekordbox video:
    • Preview was not displayed when displaying a video track list right after launch.
    • When Collection contains a video file without audio, a popup window appeared saying “Some tracks in the Collection were analyzed by an older version of rekordbox”.
  • DDJ-RZX: Waveform disappeared when the layout is changed to Browse while a track is being loaded to a deck.
  • DDJ-SB/DDJ-SB2: PAD was not lit even if PAD 2 ~ 4 was pressed when selecting PAD FX2.
  • Sometimes audio stopped when the Spiral up or down was used.
  • Fixed preview volume. Please adjust volume before using it.
  • Width of the tree view changed when rekordbox quits while in full screen mode.
  • ACTIVE CENSOR could not be viewed on waveforms when switched to EXPORT mode with the ACTIVE CENSOR panel open and then switched back to PERFORMANCE MODE.
  • MEMORY CUE was not displayed on CDJ/XDJ display when connecting certain CDJ/XDJ via USB and loading some tracks in PERFORMANCE mode.
  • Track became unselected if the FAVORITE button was pressed on a selected track.
  • Entering BPM values was not available when editing Grid in PERFORMANCE mode.
  • WAV/AIFF/FLAC file not imported in rekordbox collection could not be exported when directly dragging & dropping to a USB device.
  • Tempo changed when accidentally touching a jog if MASTER deck SYNC was turned on.
  • Cue positions displayed on enlarged waveform slightly moved under some conditions.
  • Grid and waveform slightly moved in PERFORMANCE mode under some conditions.
  • Keyboard shortcut settings of [Show/Hide Category Filter] and [Show/Hide My Tag filter] were opposite.
  • Sometimes crashed when scrolling through files using KEY in My Tag Filter.
  • Improved stability and fixed other minor issues.
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