How to customize rekordbox MIDI mapping

In this article, we would like to share an example of how to delete the originally assigned “Beatjump” and assign the “Grid Adjust” function to PAD 1 on DECK 1 of XDJ-XZ.

It will give you an idea of the MIDI mapping function.


 Certain rekordbox compatible controllers like DDJ-RR can adjust the Beat Grid of the track loaded on rekordbox DECK by holding the SHIFT button and rotating a jog wheel. It is possible on All-in-one players like XDJ-XZ, XDJ-RX3, and RX2 as well if you assign the Grid Adjust function to a pad or button.


Here are the steps.

① Select MIDI on the top of the rekordbox screen. (When the MIDI mapping compatible device is connected to the computer, the MIDI will be highlighted.)


 ② Select XDJ-XZ (1) in Connected device.


 ③ Click PAD > BeatJump Pad1 Deck 1 9530 > DELETE.


 ④ Select OK to delete BeatJump Pad 1 which is originally assigned to Pad 1.


 ⑤ Select DECK > ADD > Grid > Grid Adjust.


 ⑦ Select LEARN and tap the PAD 1 on the XDJ-XZ DECK 1.

      Now the Grid Adjust is assigned to PAD 1 9530.



 Do the same for Grid Slide etc. if you need them.


 If you delete BeatJump Pad2, for Deck 1, and assign Grid Slide, Pad2 will work as the Grid Slide.


 *The Grid Adjust and Grid Slide work with the Jog wheel to adjust, hence you need to hold the Grid Adjust assigned pad and rotate the Jog wheel on the XDJ-XZ to adjust the grid.

 The above setting will only apply for DECK 1, hence if you want to adjust the grid on DECK 2, you need to customize the same for DECK 2.

For example, you can delete Beatjump Pad1 on DECK2, and assign Grid Adjust.

 Or you can change Grid Adjust DECK 1 to DECK 2 and adjust the grid of DECK 2 by holding the Pad 1 on DECK 1.


 If you do not use the REVERSE function on a player, you can delete the “Reverse” on DECK and assign the Grid Adjust to the REV button. It is up to you to disable a certain function and use it for different purposes.


You can export the MIDI mapping data as a CSV file by EXPORT and if you import it by IMPORT, you can use the same setting again even after you reset the MIDI mapping.



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