RB-VD1 Control Vinyl - replacement product

An issue with the control signals on some of our RB-VD1 Control Vinyl has been discovered. If you own this product and have experienced this problem, please accept our apologies and read on to find out how to receive your free replacement.


We've discovered that some pieces of RB-VD1 Control Vinyl for rekordbox dvs released after September 2017 have been suffering from a fault.

A specific area on side A of the vinyl has a defective control signal that causes audio from rekordbox to play incorrectly.

We will exchange all affected products with new RB-VD1 Control Vinyl. Find out how to tell if your vinyl is affected by this issue, plus details of how to contact us, below.

We're grateful for your continued support for our products and we're sorry for the inconvenience caused by this.

Affected models

  • rekordbox dvs Control Vinyl
  • RB-VD1-K (Black)
  • RB-VD1-CB (Blue)
  • RB-VD1-CR (Red)

How to identify affected vinylHow to identify affected models of RB-VD1 Control VinylCheck the relevant number imprinted on the surface of the vinyl's side A.

The product number (e.g. RB-VD1) and the relevant number are imprinted in random places on the inner circumference.

If the relevant number is any number other than 22, your vinyl is unaffected by this issue and doesn't need to be replaced.

If the relevant number is 22, your vinyl is affected. Please contact us to have it replaced.

Arrange your replacement product

Please contact the Warranty and Service team via the relevant number below or visit

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