Error codes : Activating / Deactivating your rekordbox license

Please refer to each case when you encounter one of errors while you activate your rekordbox licenses.

Error 5

When you enter a wrong license, rekordbox displays this error code.


Please make sure that you enter a correct license. 

A rekordbox dj license is printed on a black card that comes with your gear.


When you purchase a license online, a license is delivered to your registered email address.

Error 6

This error indicates that rekordbox application does not receive a proper reply in time.

If you use Sarafi on Mac computer, please check if Safari accepts the cookies.

Safari --> Preferences --> Privacy --> Uncheck "Block all cookies".

Error 7

When you entered a difference license on the filed, rekordbox displays this error code. 


For example, your entered your dvs license on the dj license field.  

Error 15

This error message shows up when you attempt to activate your license on your computer(s) more that we guarantee. 

We guarantee that one license can be activated on up to two computers while you use the same account.

Please check your license status here.

If needed, please deactivate your license on your computer before you activate your license on a new one. 

When you have no longer have access to your computer(s), e.g. formatted, crashed, sold or broken, please file an inquiry ticket here. So we can remotely deactivate your license on that computer(s).

Please include following information when you create an inquiry.

- Your rekordbox license

- Your mail address that you used to activate your license

- A screen shot of license status page, your license page 

Those information expedites our process.

Error 21 / Error 29

Please follow the steps below if you see this error while you activate your license. 

- Run rekordbox application

- From top bar of rekordbox application, KUVO --> Privacy settings --> Change



- Enter your mail address and its password, then click "Change".


You will see a message below when your account was verified. 

Click "OK" to dismiss the message. 


Then try activating your license again.

Error 31

This error message shows up when your subscription license has expired. 

The expiry can be caused by that you cancelled your subscription or your payment was not made within a period. 

Error 33

When you see this error, please file an inquiry ticket here



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