How to register your Pioneer DJ products?

You can register your Pioneer DJ products from your Pioneer DJ Account "My Page".

Log in at Pioneer DJ web site below. Product registration feature is available at this web site for now.

Please follow the steps below.

1. Log in with your mail address and its password


2. Click "My products" 

You can add your Pioneer DJ products on this page. Just click "Add a product".

You can also edit If you have already registered your Pioneer DJ products. 


3. Choose your model from the list

The system shows you a model that you can choose from. If you just type "djm", the system shows you models with "djm".  

You need to click the model name on the list (please do not just type in the model name).

Then fill in other fields. 

Then, click "Save".


4. Your Pioneer DJ product

Now you have your product on your "My Page". You can add other Pioneer DJ products as well. 


5. Remove your registered products

If you no longer own your product that you have registered, you can remove that from your profile page.

Click x mark on the right top corner.


A short survey message shows up, then proceed.

Please remember that you need to deactivate your license separately if you are going to sell your product with a license.




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