When a controller is not recognized in Windows

1. Follow the steps below to check if your DDJ-XX is in the list from Device Manager 

1)Right click in the Start Menu to show the menu.

2Select Device Manager > Sound video and game controllers.


Open Device Manager > Sound video and game controllers, check if your DDJ-XX is shown in the list.


If you cannot find your DDJ-XX in the list, please go to “2. Connection related measures.”
If you can find your DDJ-XX in the list, please go to "3. Computer related measures.”


2. Connection related measures

  • Connect your computer directly to your DDJ-XX using a USB cable, but without using a USB hub.
  • Try using other USB ports of your computer.
  • Try using other USB cables.
  • Remove all other devices than your DDJ-XX connected to the USB ports of your computer.
  • Connect the power adapter of your computer to the wall power outlet. 

3. Computer related measures

  • Close all other applications and utilities than the DJ application you use in your computer.  
  • If you use rekordbox, please check if PERFORMANCE mode is selected in rekordbox.



Note: When using PERFORMANCE mode

If you use rekordbox ver. 5:

You need to activate a rekordbox dj license key. Please follow the steps below to activate the license included in the box of your DDJ-XX.

From File > Preferences > License, click “Activate” and input your license key.



If you use rekordbox ver. 6:

If you use a hardware unlock model:

When connecting your unit to your computer using a USB cable, you will be able to use the FREE plan.

You can check if your unit is a hardware unlock one or not from the link below.


If you use a model which is not hardware unlock:

You need to subscribe to either Core or Creative plan.

The subscription plan is linked to your Pioneer DJ account which you created when you started the subscription. Please input your account to start using the subscription plan.

When activating the subscription plan, you will be able to use the PERFORMANCE mode.




  • From Start Menu > Settings > System > Sound > Output, check if Speaker (computer-embedded Audio) is selected.



  • Selecting the Sampling rate for Speaker (computer-embedded Audioand Exclusive Mode

Select the Speakercomputer-embedded Audiosampling rate.

 From Sound > Related Settings, click Sound Control Panel.


When the Sound panel appears, select Speaker and click Properties.



In Speaker Properties > Advanced tab > Default Format, select ”16bit, 44100 Hz(CD Quality)” or ”16bit, 48000 Hz(DVD Quality)”


  • Exclusive Mode setting

How to select Exclusive Mode.

In the Sound panel, select Line and click Properties.

For example, select Line (DDJ-400) and click Properties.


In the Advanced tab, check the both boxes below.

   “Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device”

   “Give exclusive mode applications priority”





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