When a controller is not recognized in Mac

1. Check the device in “System information” to see if it is connected to the Mac correctly

1) Open Applications > Utilities > System information.



2) Check if the name of the device is displayed in Hardware > USB.


3) If you cannot see the name of the device in USB list, read “2. About connection”.


4) If there is a device name in the USB list, also check if it’s in the Hardware> Audio list.


5) If there is a name of the device you are using, see “3. About Mac Settings”.

6) If there is no device name you are using,

     Check if the device name is in the list of Software> Disable Software.


7) If the device name you are using is in the list of Disabled Software, driver security is not allowed, so you need to uninstall and reinstall the driver.

Instruction of installing the driver for macOS until Catalina

Instruction of installing the driver for macOS Big Sur


 8) If the device name you are using is not in the list of Disabled Software.

For macOS Big Sur.

There is a possibility that the OS has not been restarted according to the specific procedure, so 

even in that case, the installed driver needs to be uninstalled, reinstalled, and make sure to

restart Mac at the end of the process.


2. About connection

  • If your Mac has a USB Type-A port, connect the USB Type-A cable directly. (Do not use a USB hub.)
  • If your Mac has only USB Type-C port, use the USB Type-C and Type-A conversion adapter sold by Apple.
  • Try changing the USB port on your Mac.
  • Disconnect all the USB devices except the controller from the USB port of the Mac and check the connection.
  • Connect your Mac's external power adapter.

3. About Mac settings

Check if the device is recognized as MIDI device.

1) Open Applications > Utilities > Activate Audio MIDI


2) Go to Window drop down menu and select “Show MIDI Studio”.



3) Check if there is an icon of the device name you are using in the “MIDI Studio” window.

         If there is no icon for the device name you are using, add the device, please refer to this document.  


 4. Mac and DJ application settings

Close all running applications and utilities other than the DJ application.

If the DJ application is rekordbox, set to "PERFORMANCE".


Cautions for PERFORMANCE mode settings.


In the case of using rekordbox Ver.5

Activate the rekordbox DJ license bundled with the product by following the steps below.

Select rekordbox > Preferences > License. 



Select “Activate” button to enter the products license.



In the case of using rekordbox Ver.6

If you use a hardware unlock model:

When connecting your unit to your computer using a USB cable, you will be able to use the FREE plan.  The following URL is to check if your device is eligible for hardware unlocking.

  • In the case of not using a hardware unlock device

  You need to subscribe to either Core plan or Creative plan.

  The subscription will be linked to the Pioneer DJ account you used at the time of contract.

  You can start using the plan by setting the Pioneer DJ account in rekordbox.


You can use PERFORMANCE mode by activating your contract plan in MY PAGE of rekordbox.



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