Cancelling your rekordbox ver. 6 subscription plan

You need to cancel your subscription plan by following steps. 

Deactivating your plan on rekordbox application does not cancel your subscription. 


From WEB site

1. Log in with your Pioneer DJ Account

    Use your Pioneer DJ Account that has been associated with your subscription plan.


2. On your "Licences" page, click "Cancel / Change Plan"



3. You will see a web page showing up and click "Cancel and change to Free"

    The page changes to below and click "Cancel and change to Free".



4. Click OK 

    A pop up shows up to confirm. Click "OK" to cancel your subscription. 



From rekordbox application

1. Click "MY PAGE"



2. Click "PLAN", "・・・" and "Change/cancel your plan" 



3. You will see following web page



4. Scroll up a little bit, you will find "Cancel and change to Free" button. Click this button. 


5. Click "OK" to cancel your current subscription plan



If above steps do not work, please contact Pioneer DJ Support vis a form here

Please attach your invoice that our sakes agency "Digital River" sent to you. 

We need to know your order number written on that invoice.



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