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DJM S 7 pad FXs

Hi, everybody. i would like to know if the DJM s7 mixer is stand alone when using the Fx asigned to the pads or it has to be conected to a computer/ recordbox like the DDJ-800, (meaning are they internal or they are via rekordbox software). thanks

sergio colombo

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Hi there, 

The DJM S9, S7, and S11 all have hardware effects you can trigger with the pads or paddles when in standalone mode. The S11 and S7 have more effects you can assign than the S9. I want to say it's like 22 different effects. When you're in standalone mode, the "active" effect can be triggered by the pads which all turn green. Each pad will represent a different beat division to trigger the effect at. I usually use the paddles for that but sometimes I'll push the pad that triggers 1 beat time for the effect. I hope that answers your question. Take it easy.

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