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Switching from cdj 1000mk3 to cdj 850k?

Heyhey, I am a bit of a dynosaure, still playing with CD's on 4 CDJ 1000Mk3s, and I love them, but I am getting tired of burning everything onto CD, sometimes I've just heard a new song and want to integrate it to my mix but then have to search for like 15 other songs because I dont want to burn a CD for one or two tracks... On the other hand I am seeing friends playin around with controllers like the the ddj1000 and they can even use online libaries... So I am thinking if it's not time to move on even if I love my 1000s. Still I somehow don't trust controllers, I am to worried about the PC having a problem even if that's probably never happening. So I looked for CDJ 2000 because I tought ok 5 years ago they were like 2000-2500 for a pair in good condition so maybe today they are at 1500 but NO... They ar still getting sold on ebay for the same price as 5 years ago (at least where I live. Now I found a pair of cdj 850s for just under 1000€ but I am wondering if they really suit me. For example they do not have seperated start and pause time adjust knobs but only one. I am often only slowing the pause time so I can do an effect by pausing (track slowing down like it would if you cut the power on a turntable) and repressing on play but when I press on play I want the track to start immediately at normal speed, this would'nt be possible with the 850s. Or the button to reset the Pitch to 0%, I am using that one often to transition from different BPMs by using a loop and slowing down the track drastically and then when exiting the loop I also hit the reset button so the track plays at it's normal BPM. On the CDJ 850s I would have to push back fast the tempo fader to create the same effect but I tested that and sometimes unless I am really fast you can hear the acceleration of the track. So my question in general is if someone has already done a similar switch (or maybe from 2000s to the 850s) and can tell me a bit about them and if this is just a matter of getting used to or if I have to change my technics a little bit. Also if you haven't done the same switch I would like to hear your toughts and I would like to know wether the cdj850 saves the cuepoints and loops on the USB stick or on its internal memory since they have no sd card slot. Disclaimer: I know the perfect option would be a 2000 but only doing gigs a couple of times a year, I cant justify that Thanks in advance
Christian Schaber

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