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Pad mode RX3

Hi, i seem not be able to change the pad mode functions. (performance pads)

When connected to rekordbox i cannot click [PAD] on the top right of my screen, it is disables it looks like.

The reason why i want to check and change is because my pad mode functions different than it should be / different than all tutorials i have seen.

Example: When i want to use Gate Cue and i click on one of my hot cues, it suddenly speeds up the song instead of plying the song from a certain point while pushed down, and the other buttons even speed it up more. So there is different functionality under that performance pad than Gate Cue should in fact do. (in Rekordbox it also shows like +5,+6,+7 etc. on the pads)

Double clicking on the function button above the performance pads does not work, i can only get to the second function using the shift. Again, i am connected to rekordbox so that might have to do with it?

Release FX gives other effects that is default. For example i don't have the Build up. I cannot find how to adjust those performance pads in order to set the Build up effect under the desired pad.

Hope someone can help!


Martijn Dijkstra Answered

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