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DDJ 800 - Pressing Play jumps to Hot Cue E on some songs?

I've had some issues with the left deck of my DDJ 800 when its set for 4 deck playback in Rekordbox before, and I had another issue recently where for most songs on the left deck, when I pressed the play button, the song would jump to Hot Cue 5, create a cue point, and immediately play from there. It didn't happen on the right deck, only on the left deck, (the sound volume issue I was having was also a left deck issue). The unit is only about 1 month old, I'm wondering if I got a bad unit (Amazon)? Or is there a setting that I'm not familiar with that's causing that issue?

SouthWood Answered

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Sorry to hear about that - it sounds like the play button is triggering the pad 5 switch due to vibration or a crossed circuit. If you're under the return period, take that path, otherwise you'll have to contact an authorized service centre in your region to have your hardware inspected and/or repaired under warranty.

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