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XDJ-RX2 audio output died on me

Hi forum

So when I try to use my RX2 tonight (worked just fine last night) I don't get any sound output. I've got a track playing but nothing shows on the meters for the two channels or main.

A couple of things:
I'm using it stand-alone, NOT connected to a computer.
I'm only using head phones, NO speakers connected.

Troubleshooting steps I've performed:
* checked all the faders, cue buttons, trim knobs etc.
* played a track on both channels
* Tried both headphone connections, the 3.5mm and the larger one.
* Tried a different pair of headphones (both works using another source)
* performed a firmware update from 1.38 to 1.42.
* turned on/off multiple times, removed the power cable.

Activating the noise effect and increasing its effect, I hear in the headphones, and I also see the audio meter levels increase at the same time.
But there's no sound coming from the track playing on either channel and the meters are just blank for both channels and main.

I appreciate any input and suggestions, but it seems to me that something's broken.


Peter Olofsson Answered

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