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Hot Cue Delay XDJ 700

HI there,

Let me try asking again because I did some reserch, found similar issues but no solution. Here is my experience.

When I have a saved hot cue on a track I press "perform" and "call". By the first time I push the hot cue button (let's say A) the button blinks green and there is always a delay that messes up eveything. After I have pressed the first time, the green light on button A stops blinking (goes solid) and, if I press a second time, then there is no delay anymore. The problem persists wether quantize is on or off.

Let me know - thanks!


Fabrizio Answered

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The delay on the first press is because the hot cues are not set to load when you loaded the track, but instead on first press. Change the preference in the settings on the XDJ.

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Thanks! Yes I was looking for that setting on my XDJ 700 but could not find it. Can you help? Thanks again!

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