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New DDJ-1000 SRT, will not connect to my laptop, keeps flickering, connecting and reconnecting, songs stopping, starting

I hope these models a lot of us have been waiting for aren't flawed. I received mine today, downloaded the drivers and software to test it on my laptop. The controller does several things including skipping and sputtering and connecting then reconnecting to VDJ. The icon at the bottom right hand of the screen shows it is not connected.
I go into the software and DDJ-1000SRT is in the dropdown but has an X. I have rebooted, down complete shutdowns and restarts, and installed and uninstalled the firmware and software twice.
Unplugging and replugging the USB from the controller to the laptop does not create the flashing lights connection, that I get with two other Pioneer controllers that I use. That tells me VDJ isn't seeing the controller.

Anyone have anything I can try? I had planned to use this as my backup controller at gigs but for now, that won't be happening.

I have two other models, the original 1000 and the 3 and neither ever did this with any laptop that I use.

Robert Novosad

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  • Try a different USB cable
  • Try a different USB port
  • Try a different computer
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