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XDJ-RR Slide Tempo problem


I have a big problem.  The left tempo slide it doesn't work properly I can never get the true measurement it should be.

When I set the physical slider to %0 the tempo is set at +29.0% or proportional depending on the %.

I have tried moving the tempo slider to full negative, then full positive and then back to zero, but it continues to stay at 29%.

When I'm mixing the tempo starts to jump suddenly without staying static. If I use the sync function I get a continuous error message on the display.

I have updated the Firmware to the latest version 1.0.3

Here yo can see some photos and video: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/nkfor4m9eziexn0/AAB9FMIFGvUM4fuXNLnxwz2la?dl=0

Please help it isn't possible to play with this problem.

I read these posts but I haven't seen a solution:





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