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Migrating RB6 (Mac OS) to RB6 (Windows 11)

Hi all,

I have a big library (500GB+) with tons of playlists, intelligent playlists, sub-playlists, cue points etc on my Macbook pro. I\m Looking to move to a new Windows laptop running Win 11

I plan on backing up the library only (without music) and then using Auto-relocate to find all my tunes again on the Windows machine - reason being i dont want RB to categorise all my music into its own folder structure.

Questions are:

1. Will the "restore library" function on the PC side import everything in my library including my histories, structure etc? (i.e. is it going to look identical)

2. Will RB6 on the PC need to re-analyse all my tracks again, or will waveform data copy over as well?

3. If no waveform data, is it possible to move the waveform data from the Mac or does it use a different format on PC?

4. If anyon'e had any issues doing this specifically with RB6 from Mac to PC - please let me know as its going to be a big job and I really don't want any surprises.


White Nite Answered

Official comment

  1. Yes, everything will be identical in your library.
  2. No, that's part of the backup/restore content.
  3. N/A
  4. Don't use the AUTO RELOCATE function, instead, follow my video here to batch-relocate. It's not only faster, it's more reliable if the only thing that's changed is the parent path.
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I moved from MacOS 10.15 to Windows 10 about a year ago. 
And can confirm what Pulse said with #1 and #2.

I consolidated my music folders to make the folder structure more flat. This was the reason I used the auto relocate feature. 

It was a bit bumpy as Windows didn't accept all the file characters I was using on MacOS. So not all files could be found at once. Which also had the effect that my file names had changed slightly. 

Because I hadn't consolidated all folders and tracks at once I bumped into the 256 path file limit with some tracks. This made me push up my timeline for the folder restructuring project

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