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I have a DDJ 1000 and on the left deck when it's in vinyl mode once I  touch the jog wheel the music stops and won't start unless I take it off vinyl mode. I have raised the issue the other day and i was told to do some troubleshoots and here is what i was told to do.

If you still have any issues, please reset MIDI.
Please follow the steps below to reset MIDI in rekordbox.

1.Press the MIDI button in the rekordbox screen to show the MIDI panel.

2.Press the ”DEFAULT” button in the MIDI panel.

3.Please see if any difference is made.
If you still have any issues, please check if the device is recognized as MIDI device.
1) Open Applications > Utilities > Activate Audio MIDI Setup.app.

2) Go to Window drop down menu and select “Show MIDI Studio”.

3) Check if there is an icon of DDJ-1000 in the “MIDI Studio” window.
In the screenshot below, DDJ-FLX6 is shown as an example.

3) Remove the USB cable from the DDJ-1000.

4) After waiting for a few minutes, connect the USB cable again to the DDJ-1000 to see if any difference is made.

The reset MIDI option did work but upon restarting the unit and my laptop it stop working again 

I need help with this asap please.


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