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Add Ableton Link support to the DJS-1000

I see that there are a few requests that date back a couple of years and I'm surfacing a request for this as well. The DJS-1000 has not seen an update since Jan of 2020, and it's due for an update, two years without one is excessive. That said, it'd be great if we could finally get support for Ableton link in addition to Prolink. Being able to drop this into any setup, like take my 1000 to a friend who might not be entirely Pioneer, and jump in with perfectly synced beats would make this an invaluable tool. Literally, this one update would increase the long-term value of the product exponentially over having to redesign something to compete with the force, machine, etc. 

Pretty please?

Chris Tate Answered

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Unfortunately there is no Pro DJ Link in performance mode, however with Ableton Link, you are able to connect other software or devices such as the DJS-1000.

For the most simplistic way of getting the DJS-1000 to synchronize with rekordbox in performance mode, enable Ableton Link in rekordbox, then use the Link to MIDI app on an iPhone or iPad, which is then connected as a USB-MIDI source to the DJS (the camera kit adapter is required since it needs to connect as a host device). Everything works beautifully that way.

The other option requires use of Ableton Live as the bridge between rekordbox and the MIDI-over-USB connection to the DJS-1000, but not everyone has a licence for Live, and the previous method is significantly cheaper.

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