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Sync manager is not working at all

Sync manager has stopped working altogether. The only way I can move playlists to my usb device is by dragging them into the device. I already tried different sticks, formatted them, tried deleting all histories, and nothing. It's very cumbersome to have to drag and drop, because I can't do it in bulk and I have a lot of playlists. What happens when I try to sync through sync manager: it loads like is doing it, the loading bar on the bottom appears (and it loads for a time significant shorter than it should, which is a hint of it not working) I remove safely the device, but the playlists I moved to the device do not appear in the CDJs, it's like I've never done that sync.

Using: MacOs Monterrey 12.3
Rekordbox 6.6.4
tried to play at different CDJs already (XDJ-XZ, CDJ3000 and CDJ2000NXS2)

Tres Folly Answered

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