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Rekordbox Subscription Model - What Will It Take to Attract Subscribers

I recently completed a questionnaire on the rekordbox website after cancelling my subscription for rekordbox and reverting back to the free version. Being a dj who has tried other models as well, i was pondering over what Rekordbox is currently offering and what they can do to improve the service and get lots of people onboard.

1. Edit Feature on RB is very basic and this same feature can be obtained for free or at a lesser cost  in other software with much better applications and uses. (not attractive enough to attract an RB free user)

2.In- Built sequencer rarely syncs properly , is clunky and also has a very capable and free competitor which impressively syncs to master decks in rekordbox better than the RB sequencer ( again not worth attracting a user who knows his options well)

3. RMX and Special FX - These are still kinda basic, not ground breaking, do not add any extra creativity

4. Cloud Services - Although convenient when paired with the iphone app, still has a long way to go. Most users store music locally or subscribe to streaming services.

In summary, there are probably a lot of areas pioneer dj can look to harness if they are to attract users from the free model. Examples include :

A : Incorporating hardware - only exclusive features into rekordbox (e.g Beat Divide feature in CDJ 900 NXS,Loop Midi in DJM- S7, Duck Down - Rev 7,Split Cue - DJM - 900 NXS2 etc etc)

B : Incorporating heavily requested features : - Coloured Camelot Keys , Recursed Playlists , Well Synced Sequencer , Stem separation

C : Releasing Timely Firmware updates to fix hardware products (e.g DJM - S11 , CDJ - 3000 etc 


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